Monday, November 26, 2007


We're alive and well. We've had so many, "we HAVE to blog about that" moments over the last few weeks, but literally we've been so busy it's not even funny. Usually blogging is somewhat of a priority, and I've felt terribly sad and guilty that it's gone by the wayside. Hopefully you'll be reading more from us very soon.

So, I'm going to have to do another boring update. No, our baby hasn't been born yet. We've been saying for the past three weeks, "He could be born anytime!" But he's still incubating and that is a very big blessing. Our wonderful birth mom is 35weeks and healthwise, she seems to be doing better actually. We had a period of a couple weeks of intense stress and worry. How early would the baby come... would she be ready... would WE be ready... how was her emotional state... would we at least be able to celebrate Buddy's birthday... But we are calm now. Which is why I'm finally able post an update.

Let's see-Buddy and I went to Las Vegas a few weeks ago to visit a very dear friend, Jackie. She was a great hostess and an absolute angel to both Buddy and I. Our visit happened to fall during the time of stress and being away from home certainly didn't help my anxiety (or Buddy's). Both of us were a little on edge the whole time we were gone but we had a wonderful time despite that. I felt it was important for Buddy and I to have one more bonding experience before Buddy no longer is the center of the universe. That's another post for another day...

While in Vegas we went to the Shark Reef, we did some shopping of course, we ate yummy food (including In n Out, and Cafe Rio), Buddy went to preschool with Jackie's little boy, we took our boys to a movie, we went to an airshow, and Buddy introduced Jackie's boys to the world of dressing up in capes. Plus, Jackie took me "out on the town" one evening. We had dinner, walked around the Bell.agio, and as we were watching the water show, we even got solicited. With the cost of an adoption plus Christmas right around the corner, maybe I should have considered the offer.

My favorite band at the moment is the Killers. I really am in love with them, especially after going to their show a few months ago. Anyway, about a mile or so from Jackie's house is a ca.sino and trailor park called "Sam's Town," the name of the Killer's second album. Oh my... I about had a heart attack when I saw it and then Jackie informed me that her husband actually LIVED there when he was kid and his family was waiting for their home to be built. I mean, seriously, how cool is that?

And then on Sunday while we were there, Buddy and I drove up to see his birth mom and her new husband. I can't really find the words to explain what an incredible experience that was. I really wish G could have come because we had the time of our lives. We've seen her two previous times but every time we see her we just love her more and more. It's fun to show off how cool Buddy is, it's fun to see that her life is happy and full of purpose, it was fun to meet her amazing husband (wow-he far exceeded my expectations and she's told us countless times that he's great), and it was fun to swap stories with her parents about their other grandchildren. It's an experience I could never describe to anyone. Let's put it this way: in a way it motivates me to work hard to keep my covenants because if the afterlife feels as comfortable as *that* did, well then I want to be with my family and other people I love forever. Seeing her just opens my eyes to the grand scheme of things. I know, that makes absolutely no sense. But just imagine sitting down and talking with a group of people that intimately understand your child, who would do ANYTHING for your child, who share the same looks and personality as your child, who love your child more than life itself, and yet aren't as engrossed in the normal grind of life to forget who your child really is. It was really cool.

Oh, and would you believe me if I told you that we showed up and both Buddy and his birth mom were wearing the same exact black and white checkered Vans? I'm serious.

Obviously we have a very open relationship with her and an open adoption, but we still respect her privacy (and ours, which is why we use hokey aliases on this blog). So, I'm going to opt not to post a picture of our reunion, although I really want to. She's stunning and Buddy looks just like her. Her husband is handsome, and you can tell in the pictures how much they love Buddy. How great that he'll always know that.

Let's see. Buddy turned 4 last week! I can hardly believe it's been four years since he was born. I can't talk about Buddy's birth without saying he's brought more happiness (and frustration) to my life than I could ever have imagined. G and I adore him and are so happy he's a member of our family. I don't know who enjoys his birthday more -- us because it's so joyful to remember that day he was finally born -- or him because who doesn't love their own birthday (when you're 4... not so much when you're about to turn 31)!

Buddy was very specific in that he wanted a dragon/knight birthday party. This was his first party with friends and it was a huge success. We had a dragon pinata, and I'm no artist (really, I'm horrible at arts and crafts) but I made a really cool dragon cake, if I do say so myself. I found the pattern on the Internet. I'm not *that* cool to actually make it up. The kids thought it was incredible and stared at it like it was the most amazing work of art they'd ever seen in their lives. In a nutshell, that's precisely why I LOVE being a mommy.
To celebrate Buddy's birthday the three of us went to a kid's place in town. We had pizza then he chose to play mini-golf. First of all, we hadn't had that much fun or laughed so hard in months. Watching Buddy golf (he's not very athletic) was hysterical. And then watching G golf... well, let's put it this way, I beat him by five strokes. And this is what we got Buddy (I mean Captain Jack) for his birthday:

We also hosted Thanksgiving and painted the toy room. Both were also successful.

We have so very much to be thankful for: mostly a growing family, each other, our health, G's job, wonderful families and friends, and of course the gospel. I just love this time of year and it's about to get even better!


Emma said...

That is a great cake. We used the same pattern for Timothy's 3rd birthday, but I think yours is a lot cooler! Happy birthday Buddy!
Thanks for the update.

Jax,Jer,Luke and Jared said...

That cake really is cute! I am glad all is well and you can now enjoy the calm before the storm..

StrykerLOVE said...

hooray for the update as i was about to email to find out about baby! and good job on your room - love the colors - makes it different from the same old same old - i want to do all that with my house but am too hesitant and mostly non-creative to do anything BUT the same old. and also like everyone else Nice Cake!!

Anonymous said...

good, i just added tons of new emo backgrounds in my blog