Thursday, January 17, 2008

Electric Toothbrushes

For Christmas my parents bought all of us electric toothbrushes. I'm sure that a lot of you have already made the switch, but we are now just getting on the train. I'd seen them around, but never really had the desire to get one. Now that we have them, I know what I've been missing all of these years. I love the toothbrush. You just turn it on and let it work it's magic (this would be a great place for some inappropriate comment, but I'll refrain). My teeth are cleaner than ever with little effort. This is good because it has been a long time since I have been to the dentist because I hate the dentist. I highly recommend one if you don't have one already.

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StrykerMan said...

Funny that you hate the dentist, yet you once wanted to be one. Well, until you passed out while watching a root canal! R. Lawrence Fraze got us some e-toothbrushes a while ago, but I haven't used them too much. I can't get over the tickling sensation. And yes I know how to use a nail gun!