Saturday, September 27, 2008

Overheard At the Park

The Setting

A bunch of little kids are playing in the big sand area at the park. A probably 10-year old girl is sitting on the button that controls whether more water is released into the sandpit. A 10-year old boy is standing in the sand trying to build some elaborate dam or something. The sand is totally saturated with water. There is actually more water in the pit than sand and every child in there is caked in mud from head to toe. It's a mother's worst nightmare. The boy approaches the girl.

* * *

Boy: Move so I can turn the water on.

Girl: No way! It'll create more of a mess than we already have. I'm trying to prevent the water from overflowing.

Boy: Mud is fun!

Girl: NO IT'S NOT!!!!!

Boy: You wouldn't know fun if it hit you in the face!

Girl: Yeah-because rolling in the mud is fun.

Boy: What's your definition of fun? The mall?

Girl: Uh-YES! (like duh!)

* * *

Despite threatening Buddy with his life if he stepped foot in that mud pit, I found him there an hour or so later. I couldn't get too mad since he had just been stung by a bee and at least he was playing and distracted from the agony of a bee sting.

It's very hard to tell, but he's in about three inches of mud. Notice his hands and wrists are buried. Soaked is an understatement.

It just amazes me that boys are the same from the time they're 9 months to the time they're an adult. But thankfully girls are too. My definition of fun happens to be the mall as well.

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Chelle said...

That sounds like a great park! Such a great picture too.