Thursday, July 2, 2009

Since We've Been Gone

Sorry to keep you hanging about the Utah trip. While there -- and since I've been home -- I've been too busy doing fun things to blog. Here's a short little recap of Utah.

While G was slaving away at work all week, the boys and I lived the high life. We played with cousins, ate yummy food, shopped, and survived on very little sleep. For some reason when I get around my sister or Greg's sisters for that matter, I can't stop talking. (Most of you would argue I'm like that with everyone...) So trust me when I say we had some very late nights.

We had such a fun time. I am very lucky that my siblings all married terrific people and Greg's siblings did as well. It makes spending time with family quite entertaining. We laugh and we laugh some more. And I wake up in the morning very tired because we don't go to bed early enough.

And the little cousins. Oh, how happy my life would be to have them near us. It was unanimous. All the little baby cousins adored Buddy. He has quite the ability to amuse and befriend babies. And Sambo managed to annoy all the babies.

While we were gone, Sambo turned into a big boy. He no longer will tolerate being treated like a baby. That means the high chair is done, he will not be held, the doesn't hold hands, he doesn't like the stroller, he won't be fed, dressed, diapered, etc. He decided he wants to be like Buddy. He also learned how to walk down stairs, but has only tried here and there since we've been home. Our stairs are really steep and he's no dummy. He did really great while there, though.

Some other highlights of the trip:

Cafe Rio for sure. We went twice.

And Tucanos. Mmm... Brazilian BBQ! Dave had a coupon for free lime drinks there, which made dinner even better, if that's possible. (If anybody has a recipe out there for that limeade, please let me know.)

The children's museum in Ogden.

Shopping all day in Park City.

Feeding the cows on Myndi's farm.

The Tracy Aviary. Buddy was in heaven, obviously.

The aquarium with all the cousins.

The Bean Museum with Jenny.

Bathtime. I just think the differences in skin tone and physique are hilarious.


StrykerLOVE said...

am so sorry we missed you - we love going to all those places too! next time around...

crazymamma said...

awwww...I SOO LOVE ALL THESE PICS!! and i was also singing jelly clarkston since youve been gone when i read your title! hahaha sweet! I am soo glad that you had soo much FUN!! yeah!!

Myndi said...

I love that picture of them in the bathtub. I think they'll love it just as much when they are teenagers.

Jax,Jer,Luke and Jared said...

I remember when Jared decided he was no longer a baby... it's like they look at their older brother one day and say,
"I want to be like them" and they stop doing EVERYTHING that babies do. Jared even wanted out of his crib... Good luck!

Mandy said...

We seriously had so much fun with you guys staying out our house. We can't wait until you come and visit again. My friend posted this recipe on her blog a couple of months ago so here you go.

Tucano's Limeade

Brazilian Lemonade (Limeade)
2 Limes
1/2 cup sugar
3 Tbs Sweetened Condensed Milk
3 cups cold water
Wash the limes and cut off both ends. then cut into 8 wedges. Place all of the limes and the rest of the ingredients in a blender (keep the rinds on). Blend thoroughly. Then strain through a fine-mesh sieve to remove rinds and pulp. Serve over crushed ice and add a lime wedge garnish.

The recipe only makes about 4 cups of liquid, so you might want to double it depending on how many servings you're looking for. Enjoy!

Mandy said...

I meant to say "staying at our house". Not "staying out our house". Sorry it's late and clearly I'm tired