Thursday, January 28, 2010

It's a New Day

Yesterday was "one of those days."  Actually, it's been one of those months.  By 7:00 last night I had made up my mind that the only way I'd survive the day with my hope intact was if somebody brought me a suprise strawberry pie (or something of equal yumminess) or if my sister-in-law went into labor so I could hold her newborn.  A couple texts later I learned that she wasn't having her baby that night.  As my day unraveled more, I got a sudden text from my dear Shauna saying she and and some other friends were throwing together an impromptu girl's night to Walmart. 

And this is why I know there is a God.  I'm not joking around when I say that friends + Walmart late at night = nothing better (besides a newborn baby).  Nothing could have busted me out of my funk besides great friends.

And so I came home after midnight with a 3-pound bag of sour patch kids and my attitude readjusted.

Today is a new day.  Plus I ran across this video, which helps too.


The Robisons said...

Loved the video, helped make my day... I may have to post it on facebook, which by the way, when are you going to come around and join facebook? I really need to call you one of these days I have a free hour or so..miss ya!

crazymamma said...

ok ..first off, i need to get that viedo on my blog so i can look at it everyday! second of all, it totally made me cry..i feel like sometimes that is all i do lately..but it helped and i would like to keep that in mind always...3rd of all...last night was soo awesome...even with all the WT walmart workers attempting to ruin that.. i also must say during my darkest times and my darkest is you and my very few other women who i know u know, that
help me out of those dark times...we all have had some really really shi33y days here and there, but its these simple moments like last night that help me snap out of it and REFOCUS!I am sooo glad we have a new day today! thank goodness for walmart late at night with 3 if the most amazing women i have ever met in my life...last night was a perfect ending to a not so good day...woot wooooot to wallie world and crazy ladies...and lots of gagging to gross smells on the freeway..

Nicki said...

That video is priceless - where did you find it? As far as that infamous night goes - I have not laughed so hard in such awhile - I totally needed it. I just wish we could have seen security escort you out :)