Saturday, September 17, 2011

More Insights From Buddy and Sambo

The best dinner Sambo's every had.  It just so happened to be the only time his father has cooked... in awhile.  But it made an impact.  

My kids have a strange interest in "juvi."  You know, juvenile detention.  I'm not sure how Buddy first learned about it, but he threatens Sambo from time to time that if he doesn't follow the laws of the land, he will have to go to juvi.  It's sinking in because yesterday Sambo was playing with his cars and I heard him talking about sending some to juvi for not driving nice. 

Additionally, tonight Buddy was trying to convince me that it's all my fault he gets in trouble so much because it's "my choice" to discipline him or not.  I used his interest in juvi to argue my point: that I have a responsibility to teach him to obey.  I have to follow through with consequences otherwise he'll never learn that rules must be obeyed.  A child can either be disciplined by their parents when they are young, or disciplined by the "system" when they are teenagers, and as a result sent to juvi.  I'm not sure if that's good parenting or not, but it made my point and he totally understood.

Are my kids the only kids interested in juvi?

* * *

I was going through some old papers and realized I had a form from Sambo's speech class that he was supposed to fill out with my help and give to G for Father's Day.  We worked on it and surprised daddy when he came home today.  I seriously had to stifle my laughter while I filled it out.  We all laughed until we cried when we read it together with daddy.  Out of the mouth of babes. 

To: Dad 
From: Sambo, age 3 1/2

My dad is as handsome as a: dog.
My dad smells like: poop.
My dad likes to: make dinner.
My dad makes the best: dinner ever me have.
When I am sick my dad:  helps take me to doctor.
When I am sad my dad:  helps me not cry.
I like my dad's: toes and feet.
I love my dad because: he is good.


R said...

I'm detecting Yoda here. In his size, in his speech pattern, and in his logic...

R said...

The above was about Sambo. As for Buddy, why don't you tell him how your mom took you to the police station (juvi) one time to make a point?