Thursday, December 1, 2011

Exhaustion -- Part 2

Photo not taken today.  I wish!  Taken a few weeks ago.  Should I be embarrassed about such awkward photos of myself on the Internet?  I'm not. 

I'm taking a much-earned break from all my hard work this week to update you on my "to do" list.  You would be so proud!  I have accomplished many items on my list.  Unfortunately, I thought of a bunch more critical items I should have listed, but don't worry, they got done too.  This happened mostly because of the fantastic help of friends and family.  G is a workhorse and has happily complied with the list, helping a ton.  One benefit of having hyper children is they are very good to help.  Buddy has always been a great worker and did a great job of vacuuming the garage and the car, cleaning his rooms and doing tons of other odds and ends jobs.  Sambo did his fair share too, including being cooperative while I was busy every day.  And then my friends. One friend watched Sambo today.  A friend went to the store to pick out Buddy's suit.  A friend came into my house and folded my laundry pile.  A friend sent an email offering support.  A friend got all of Buddy's supplies at the Scout store so he would be properly outfitted for his first Pack Meeting.  A friend took charge of typing and printing the program for Buddy's baptism.  And friends have offered to help make treats for the party after the baptism.  I HATE asking for help, and ABHOR taking help.  But my tasks this week were non-negotiable and there was no possible way to get everything done without losing my mind.  It's yet another lesson that I/you don't need to be a martyr.  People are willing to help.  They want to!  And the reason I know they want to help is because most of these acts of service were taken care of before I even had a chance to ask.  Our family has wonderful friends. 

And here's something else kind of funny concerning exhaustion.  G mentioned yesterday that he's literally never been so tired in all his life.  At first we assumed it was because we're busy and our weights class at the gym was particularly hard yesterday. But then we realized we've had turkey for dinner and lunch in one form or another since Thanksgiving.  I made a 26.6 pound turkey and we had a lot of leftovers.  Tryptophan is catching up to us apparently.

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StrykerLOVE said...

Hey - I have enjoyed reading your blog but your list IS make me tired! Your boys are very cute and I wish I knew them! for they seems like good young men. Good luck getting through the season - it seems like it will be a good one for you. Maybe since your boys are learning to ski you guys should take a trip here and our families can spend the day on the slope together as my boys love to ski too!