Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Odds and Ends

You probably aren't interested in any of the following details of life at the C House, but I'd like to document several of the things I've been thinking about.

One of Buddy's favorite authors is Graham Salisbury, the author of the "Calvin Coconut" series.  It's a series about a boy and his adventures in Hawaii.  We knew that Graham Salisbury was a local author, but I learned today he is the father of a guy in our ward!  And he even gave Buddy a shout-out today on Facebook.  This has been very exciting news at our house today.

Before I go to sleep I always check on the boys and give them some snuggles.  (Does every parent do that?)  Last night I found Sambo asleep with a book and flashlight in his hands.  He's totally the type of kid that would do something like that, but he's also the type of kid that sneaks the flashlight then turns it off and goes to sleep when he gets tired a few minutes later.  And by the way, I LOVE having book-loving kids.

Buddy got a haircut today for the first time in a long time.  It's hard to squeeze a haircut in when he's been busy skiing every Saturday all winter.  And really the only other convenient day to take him is Monday and the lady who cuts his hair doesn't work that day.  It was like shearing a sheep.  There was an impressive pile of fuzzy white wool on the floor when she was done. He looks like a totally different person now. 

Buddy started getting freckles last summer.  But this summer they are appearing like crazy.  I love them. That's all.

And to add to his darling looks, he still has only lost two teeth.  And none are loose.  If things don't change by his next dentist appointment in the fall, the dentist will have to look into what's going on.  I hope that doesn't have to happen.

Sambo is such a bossy little son-of-a-gun.  I taught preschool today and it amazes me how he organizes everybody not necessarily in a way that would benefit him, but in a way that seems to him to be the "right way."  I know that makes no sense, but basically he tells people what to do but he's not really the type that's trying to get anything out of it.  We also teach him in Primary and I'm sorry, but both of my kids are dang smart.

Yesterday Sambo had a friend over.  His parents have been trying to motivate him to take his training wheels off for a few months now, but he has been totally against that idea.  The boys were outside playing in our fabulous 85-degree weather and the friend decided he would give Sambo's bike a shot without the training wheels.  Sambo held the bike up for him and tried to help him steady it.  The friend tried to peddle and Sambo tried his darnedest to hold it up and run along side.  They were not successful since Sambo wasn't strong enough to really be of assistance.  But even still, it was pretty much the cutest thing I've ever seen in my life.  Well, it turns out that was just what the friend needed.  His dad texted us last night to say he mastered his bike last night.  And today at preschool it was the first thing he told me.  "I learned to ride my bike!  And I totally rocked it!"
This little boy is mine.  All mine. 

Sambo's "love language" is touch.  He has been hugging everybody like crazy lately.  He'll run up to his loved ones and give us a big hug.  He also tells me several times a day, "I like you, mom."

And today Sambo fiddled with the Tivo remote long enough to figure out how to record "Deadliest Catch." He had stumbled upon it and was instantly intrigued.  He has never been taught to use the remote before, but I was telling him to get in the car so we could get Buddy from school and he just couldn't for the life of him drag himself away from the coolest show he had ever seen in his life.  So rather than miss the show he quickly learned to use the remote.  He waited all afternoon to watch it (being drug from one errand and after-school activity to the next), talking about the new cool "boat show" nonstop.  Finally this evening we turned it on and a few minutes into it, he got too scared and we had to choose a different show.  Such a typical Sambo story.

I die over his freckles.  

Yesterday we were driving and saw a lady walking down the road with a sundress and parasol.  It was a little over the top and Buddy asked if she was doing that because she thought she was pretty and was trying to get attention.  We discussed that for a bit.  I then asked if he thought I was pretty.  He said, "Dad does, but I'd say you are just so-so."  It was almost as funny as the time he told my sister she has "a big nose but it looks good on [her] face."

It dawned on me tonight that Buddy (age 8.5) is still using the same hooded bath towel he's been using since he was born.  Now that I think about it, that's a little strange.  But it still works and fits, so why not?

I'm getting awfully reliant on the happy meal deal our local McDonald's does on Tuesday nights.  Tuesdays are really busy and unless I have leftovers or something easy lined up ahead of time, I never have time to make dinner.  My kids aren't complaining about this, of course.

We sorted all our Legos by color several weeks ago.  Since we did that our kids have played with Legos or Bioncles exclusively.  They literally have not touched a single other toy.

Buddy is a few pages away from finishing the Book of Mormon for the first time.  It's really inspiring to watch him go through the process for the first time (of many) of growing his testimony.

One of my most favorite people is moving.  I'm so unbelievably tired of my dearest friends moving.

I was in charge of a stake Activity Day on Saturday. It was a colossal disaster.  That's a whole bunch of months and hours of my life I'll never get back...

I'm .3 pounds away from a weight-loss goal I made for myself.  I bought a pair of shoes to motivate myself and they seemed to have done the trick.  I haven't really changed anything in my diet.  I have plenty of bad habits, but I mostly eat well.  Plus I've noticed over the years my diet really doesn't affect my weight as long as I'm reasonable.  However, I totally changed up my workout routine.  I started going to the gym four days a week (when at all possible) instead of three.  And I've been keeping my heartrate really low doing cardio three of those days and doing pilates the other day.  So it's been more exercise at a much lower impact.  I've lost 7 pounds, but the sad thing is the only way I could think to do it was to stop doing weights.  So unfortunately my weight-loss is mostly muscle loss.  And in case you are wondering, no my clothes don't fit any differently besides my quads being a ton smaller and a slightly smaller muffin-top.  But I'm close to earning my shoes and that's the main thing I care about.  And I'm working really hard to fix an elevated heartrate problem I've been struggling with for years.  And I've made a little progress in that regard too.

Why is it socially acceptable to wear workout clothes in public?  But if I were to wear my PJ's all day (even at home) I'm considered lazy, sick, or depressed.  I'm interested in starting a movement to change that.  Because I'm a HUGE fan of wearing pajamas all day.

The sun was hot and bright.  We aren't used to it, so neither of the kids could keep their eyes open.  Here they are planting their trees.

You might know I'm a tree lover (note:  not a tree hugger).  I love the Oregon rain because Oregon rain makes lots of beautiful trees.  Buddy is an environmentalist, so together we decided it would be a great idea to plant some trees for Earth Day this year.  I've always wanted to do that, plus it would help him earn a belt loop for Cub Scouts.  Well, unfortunately I was totally stressed and crazy busy the day of our town's tree planting, although I had it on my calendar for a month in advance.  Plus it was raining, so I decided to cut my losses for the day and skip it.  Buddy and I were so disappointed.  But we had to swing by the library that day and low and behold they had a few trees people could take to plant.  So we did!  The kids and I had so much fun planting them and talking about how important trees are to the environment.  Buddy takes this topic so seriously, it's hilarious.

Pointing to his newly planted tree.

Sunday was the first truly hot day of the year, so after church I shouted up the stairs to Sambo to make sure he put on a short-sleeved shirt.  I started to remind him where he could find them in his dresser.  In a huff he replied, "I know what I'm doing!"  It was so typical of him.  He's an extremely responsible kid and really doesn't need to be micromanaged (like his brother).  So ever since then I've asked him probably a thousand times if he knows what he's doing.  He isn't old enough to get sarcasm, but he emphatically tells me that yes, he does know what he's doing.

P.S.  I think my kids are cool.


G said...

I think they are pretty cool as well.

Robison Fam. said...

You have two adorable boys. I love that each one brings there own personality. You are a great mom! My boys love to read too and legos...too bad we don't live closer, I think our boys would be buddies!

Emma said...

Your kids are pretty cool. They are smart too, probably because they have smart parents who teach them, and have smart birth moms who chose you guys as parents!

I love the fun stories you share. If I had kids that great I'd brag too. Oh wait I just did on my blog ;)

I've sorted LEGOs by color several times, but somehow they all get dumped back into the same box again. Oh well!

R said...

I loved each story inthis post. They are cool kids. Buddy using his baby towel is not unexpected considering his mom took her one and only pillow to college (and into marriage?) and his aunt still has a piece of her baby blanket on her bed!

JLJ said...

I love reading these details about your kids. They are smart (and cute)! And I love that they planted their trees in bike helmets. You know, in case things got dangerous.