Thursday, October 18, 2007

A Few Random Comments

I wish I had more time to Blog. I have a lot on my mind, so I have a lot to say... but just have no time. So, here are a few brief comments. Hopefully I'll get a chance to update something more enjoyable soon. In the meantime, please let me update for my journal's sake. (And for any of you that didn't appreciate how long my last post was, that was for my journal's sake as well. Heck, most of what I write here is. Sorry!)

First: How is it possible The Office just gets more and more clever each episode? I remember watching the first few episodes a few years ago and I even said to G, "This is hysterical, but how can they possibly keep this humor/awkwardness up more than just a few episodes." Oh my.... it gets funnier and funnier.

Second: I think I'm nesting. I've got about seven bags of stuff by the door to be donated to DI today. I've got paint swatches on the spare room wall. I'm going through baby clothes later today. I built a shelf and reorganized the spare room yesterday. I've got a list of things for G to accomplish tonight while I go to the temple, including moving the "big boy bed" into Buddy's room. I won't tell you where he's been sleeping up until this point... I hope Buddy's not mad when he grows up and realizes he didn't get moved to a big bed until he was almost four. Please don't anybody tell him!

The big plan: Buddy and Baby will sleep together eventually (Once Baby is sleeping through the night. Hopefully that's much sooner than later, if you get what I'm saying). All the toys and books will be in the "play room" (aka spare room).

All this has been happening. Meanwhile, our birth mom and her mom and step-dad are coming over for dinner to meet my parents on Sunday. SO, I've been trying to get the house in order (which is awfully hard when I'm moving stuff around and pulling bins and bins and bins from the attic). Her step-dad is an ultra clean freak (he irons his sheets), plus I want to make a good impression, so my own OCD is coming to the surface. I want the house to be perfect. I also want to show her the crib, some of our baby stuff, the paint choices, so I've got to have that organized as well.

Plus, I'm mildly worried about getting everything for the Baby in order so far ahead of time. This is an adoption, afterall, and lots of things could change. We didn't do anything to get ready for Buddy. I just couldn't. But, I'm doing this all for the birth mom. Hopefully she'll see how "prepared" and excited we are and that will make an impression. Not that I'm overly worried about her "changing her mind." Because I really think this is for real.

Then there's the meal we're serving. We're making my specialty meal: roast, gravy, G's famous mashed potatoes, roasted green beans, artisan bread, and peach/blueberry cobbler. Wouldn't that just figure that the bread won't rise (although my dad is bringing a second loaf) or the roast dries out. Ahhh... This better be good because I've been bragging to her a little bit about my love of cooking. Her and her mom love cooking too.

Third: Pirate music. Strykerlove asked what pirate music is. Buddy's friends are all really into pirates. Buddy likes pirates quite a bit (although not as much as knights and dragons) but he's completely OBSESSED with pirate MUSIC.

We have accumulated quite a little collection, including: Captain Boggs and Salty (Greg and Buddy went to one of their 'concerts' at a pirate festival about a month ago and heard them live. They're a local pirate band and sing some pretty clever kid songs. Buddy's first live show...). Buddy also likes the "Swashbuckling Sea Songs," which is music you hear at the ride, like "Yo Ho" and songs like that. His ultimate favorite, though, is the soundtrack from the first Pirates movie. We listen to it at least three times every day. And I have to admit, it isn't half bad. It's all instrumental, so Buddy acts out the movie while he listens. The coolest thing about that CD, though, is that the first time Buddy heard it, he knew exactly what was happening in the movie during each song on the CD. It was pretty incredible how well he remembers and internalizes music. G is hopeing that'll come in handy when he forms his own punk band some day.


Jax,Jer,Luke and Jared said...

So I have to agree with you on the office. I was watching it last night after reading your entry and was agreeing with you the entire time! Whatta treat! Can't wait to see you...

Anonymous said...

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