Thursday, October 25, 2007

Sick as Dogs

We have had a real problem staying healthy in our house. In years past we've struggled to keep Buddy healthy with his asthma issues, but we finally found a great combo of meds for him back in the spring and he has been doing great ever since. Except for his frequent nosebleeds.

Anyway, G and I have been another story. I had a major outbreak of allergies two months ago. This was no ordinary case, either. First of all, last fall/winter was the first time I really had allergies, but this year was much worse. I had the worst cough and post-nasal drip EVER. I dealt with this for weeks. I went to my incompetent primary care doctor one day and she gave me some nose spray which did nothing to help. Several weeks into the allergy problem I came down with a sinus infection (which I've already blogged about). That lasted for three weeks. I picked a new primary care doctor and went in to see her and she prescribed me some legitimate allergy medication and an antibiotic, which I declined. I'd already been sick so long I figured the fun "infection" I'd get as a result was worse than than having the sinus problems a few more days. Anyway, what I really wanted was some meds to clear up the post-nasal drip, which was causing my problems in the first place.

Meanwhile, G got bronchitis* a couple weeks ago and has been on a whole host of meds for a few weeks including an antibiotic, a few inhalers, and a steroid (which he already blogged about).

*I don't believe G really had bronchitis. I think he had allergies too, like me. But what do I know.

So, I finally start feeling better this past weekend, just around the time G starts feeling bad. By Monday his cold had turned into a sinus infection and low and behold, I get a case of the stomach flu. He was horribly sick and stayed home two days from work, but still, he had to take care of me and Buddy because we all know you just can't function with the flu. Supposedly the flu should only last a day or so, but for some strange reason mine lasted for three days and even today I have no appetite and have bouts with nausea still. I just can't shake this queasy feeling. And G has progressively gotten worse, so he went into the doctor yet again today. And what do you know, he's on an antibiotic again.

G has a "whole medical team," as he puts it. He has three primary care doctors he regularly sees. This is all so hysterical, I told you our entire medical history just so I could tell you this next information about G.

G goes to Doctor #1 (my previous incompetent doctor) if he wants to be written a clean bill of health. For example: He's trying to get life insurance but has had some poor liver enzymes results twice now when they did the lab work to see if he'd qualify. It's been a royal pain the rear to get a decent rate on the insurance with those results, so he finally decided to make himself an appointment with Doctor #1. She promptly cleared his chart and said the results were "no problem." She deemed him perfectly healthy.

G goes to Doctor #2 if he wants to be put on meds. This doctor would be a addict's dream come true. This is the doctor that diagnosed G with bronchitis a few weeks ago and gave him about five different prescriptions to clear it up. Funny thing: at the time G didn't feel sick, hadn't missed a day of work and was still working out at the gym a few times a week.

G goes to Doctor #3 if he's legitimately sick like today and needs results so he can function and get back to work. Needless to say, this is my new primary care doctor.

Does anyone else find that SO funny?

Anyway, the truth of the matter is, I think there might be some wisdom in elliminating stress from our life to improve our immune systems.


In semi-related news: We had our dinner with our birth mom and it went really well. We all had a really good time, she enjoyed seeing the crib and all the baby clothes. And if I do say so myself, the roast was the best I've ever made! I'm so glad that's over. Have I mentioned the word STRESS yet in this blog? Buddy and Baby's room is all put together. I just need to hang some things on the walls. The play room is organized, but I still need to take everything out now that she's seen it -- so I can get some paint on the walls. That won't be hard, though.

In un-related news: Buddy went to Ch.uck e. Ch.eese today with a friend. Like any kid, he loves that place, but really hasn't been there since his birthday last year. So it was really exciting for him. Apparently he won a bunch of tickets and cashed them in for these fine "leopard seal teeth." (No, I already tried to remind him about Halloween-they are LEOPARD SEAL TEETH, he says!)

And one more question: Did anyone that reads this blog rake our leaves? We have a big tree out front that has dumped a very large amount of leaves all over the sidewalk and our lawn. Either someone raked them for us, or they blew away. I can't imagine either scenario, to be honest with you. There's still a few out there, but the majority are gone. So if you did rake them for us, THANK YOU! And fess up so I can return the favor.


G said...

First of all, M thinks she is a doctor. I know she's got opinions about everything, but somewhere along the way she got her medical degree and does her own assessment of my medical conditions. I DID have bronchitis and the cocktail of meds I was on cleared up my lungs. I know that because I got a real opinion from a real doctor.

Second, I'm proud of my medical team. If I have health insurance, I might as well use it, and the fact that I know which doctor to go to for which things makes me smarter than the rest of you. Like I always say, if one is good, then 2 (or 3 or any multiplier) is better.

StrykerLOVE said...

hum, boys are always so weak when it comes to sicknesses. for being the stronger sex, marc sure likes to take multiple bubble baths when sick and tell me he's sick alot in case within the 5 minutes i forgot. - although actually if you watch tv medi-drama's a lot you DO pick up alot of info. For example, maybe greg's got Munchausen Disease which I wouldn't have known about except for watching "House" - keep a watch on that M :-)

StrykerMan said...

M, funny blog entry here. Sounds like you're running a drug emporium from the home! And G, time to go to a holistic natural healer and get off the meds, you druggie. BTW, the image of M frantically searching for her cellphone to the tune of "Girls" is priceless. Good stuff.