Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Color Green

Who all is sick and tired of looking at that sleep post every time they check our blog? Are you ready for a huge change in subject?

I'm not Irish, and I'd never consider myself a fashionista. But in honor of St. Patrick's Day next week, I thought I'd throw out a little suggestion to you. In my humble opinion, the color "grass green" is totally hot and not enough people are wearing it.

I bought a v-neck long-sleeved green shirt a year or two ago and every single time I wear it, I get a ton of compliments along the lines of "that color is so nice on you." How interesting that I've never received any compliments on any of my other clothes. But that shirt gets a reaction. So I just bought myself a green and white sweater and thus my theory started to unfold. Same reaction every time I wear it.

Buddy is really into the color green. It's been his favorite color for about six months now. He has quite a few grass-green shirts (he loves John Deere) and I keep buying more because the color looks really good with his translucent complexion. (Notice the picture to the left)

I started putting two-and-two together. I look good in green. Buddy looks good in green. We have totally different complexions, eye colors, and hair color. Hmmm... maybe everybody looks good in green! So I started noticing and wouldn't you know, it's true.

Not earth shattering (like getting a baby to sleep through the night). But I'd love to be credited with bringing in a "color green fashion revolution" -- kind of like how everyone wears brown these days. On Monday, pay close attention to what everyone is wearing. I bet you'll agree with me.


J said...

I was definately ready for a new post, but have told tons of my first time parent friends to log on to your blog. I don't know about green, I have really loved the brown revolution.

D & R said...

Believe it or not but you have a little Irish in you from your paternal grandma's go with the big dose of Slovenian that you are.