Tuesday, March 25, 2008


If you'd like to experience pure joy, spend an hour in my shoes. I don't know how it worked out that G and I got the two greatest children in the whole world, but we did. And sometimes I just have to tell the world about them.
My baby is -- well I don't know enough adjectives, so I'll just say he's perfect -- a little piece of heaven. If I knew what I know now, I'd do the whole wait over again a million times -- and I wouldn't complain. I mean that. I know that's hard to believe for any of you who saw my emotional state in the weeks leading up to his birth, but it's true. And the best thing about him: he loves us. He must smile at us a thousand times a day. When he sees any of us, his face lights up and his coos are so sweet. Nothing sounds as good as his laugh, except of course when both Pee-Wee and Buddy are laughing. I should try to capture that on video, but I'm too busy laughing too and enjoying the bond the two of them share to run and get the camera.

And then my 4-year old. If you can look past his energy level and his mouthiness and his photographic memory, then he's pretty amazing too. I just ADORE him. I've been keeping a log of some of the sweet or unusual things he's prayed for over the past few days. I hope I never forget what he was like as a small child. And I hope I never forget what an awesome privilege it is to be the mother of these two little boys.

"Please bless..."
  • Me that I will not squish Pee-Wee's tummy
  • Me that when I'm five I'll go to school

  • Me that I can see a Sum 41 concert and they can talk and sing

  • Me that I will be nice to my friends

  • Me that I won't be a smart mouth

  • Me that I will be a good boy

  • Me that I will be killer whale

  • Jesus that He won't die on the cross

  • The sea lions at the zoo

  • Me that I will be able to go to the zoo (He prays for this and the next one EVERY single night. I wish the Lord will answer his prayer already and improve the weather, so we can go!)

  • The zoo

  • And then tonight: The gospel, the missionaries, and my testimony


Yin said...

Please bless the zoo, indeed! And Sum 41. What an awesome post.

StrykerLOVE said...

I never leave a comment about peewee's pic but I always should because every time he just melts the heart. What a perfect baby - honestly. You lucky duck! God must love you :-) I also wish my boys would be so sincere and open with their thought like Buddy. I mostly don't even know what they pray for -their goal is so say it as fast as possible, like the 'fine print' of car commercials.

Chelle said...

What a great post and I'm thinking about how great these posts will be for your kids to look back on as they get older.

That prayer list cracks me up. At least he's really trying not to be a smart mouth! I especially like that he wants to be a killer whale.