Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Scene: Dinner tonight

Buddy: I wish you would have taken me to the mall so I could tell the Easter Bunny that I want toy red-tail hawks and eagles in my Easter basket.

Me: Oh, well. Usually you just get-what-you-get in your basket. But the Easter Bunny is magic and he knows things you like. So I bet he'll bring you something really cool.

Buddy: He's not magic. He's a man dressed up.

Me: Yeah right! Why do you think that?

Buddy: Because a "bunny" is a small rabbit, and the Easter bunny is the same size as a man. He's just a man dressed up.

Me: Well than if he's not magic, how will he get into our house?

Buddy: He'll just open the door and walk in.

Me: Well, that won't work because I always lock all the doors.

Buddy: Well, I don't know how he'll get in then. I still hope I get a red-tail hawk, though.

(It was hard to bite my tongue and not mention that the Easter Bunny just bought a house and Easter falls too close to tax day. Therefore, he scrounges around for old candy and shops exclusively at the Dollar Tree.)

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