Tuesday, April 28, 2009

March Showers Bring April Flowers

One of my favorite times of year is April because of the tulips. I should have attached a wedding picture in my previous post showcasing the gorgeous tulips on our wedding day. We were debating between getting married in April or June and having tulips in my wedding photos certainly helped sway my vote. I've never been a fan of how *we* look in our wedding photos, but the flowers certainly make up for the strange-looking subjects.

I have made it a tradition to visit the tulip festival here in Oregon every year. It's a win-win activity for us. I love the flowers and the boys love playing on the farm. We can hardly wait until next year!

And Luke got the answer right from our anniversary post, so I'll give him a prize when he's here in a few days!!! We've been married 11 years (did anyone catch my subtle hint in the title?), I was 21 and G was 23. And we've gained a combined total of 50 pounds, give or take. I've gained by far the most, in case you were curious.


G said...

M's weight increase is because she's got a lot more muscle than ever before. She usually kicks my butt in our weights class.

Myndi said...

So when Luke left his first comment I said to him, "You should write 'each' to make them mad." He did at first and then he erased it and said, "But your sister is always so nice to me and asks me if I've lost weight..." He left the computer open to the comment page and didn't bother to log out and so I grabbed the opportunity to joke around with all of you...I guess it backfired on me:(