Saturday, May 9, 2009

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

The Seattle Mariner's hosted a game last weekend celebrating families created by adoption or foster care. My dad and siblings are huge Mariner's fans, so it didn't take too much convincing to get the whole family together for the game. My sister and her husband and baby flew out from Utah and we all made the trip up to Seattle. We had a great time, especially since they won and the weather was perfect. It would have been even more perfect if Ken Griffey Jr. had played.

We got to the game super early to walk around and enjoy the ballpark. Buddy was especially excited about the Mariner's cap and adoption pin they gave out to adoptive families. Sambo wasn't as impressed by the game, but luckily daddy has the magic touch and was able to keep him occupied throughout the game.

The next day we spent a very rainy day in Seattle. We took a ferry ride, which only me and the boys enjoyed. Everyone else thought it was a downer of an activity, but you should have seen how happy Sambo was. His reaction to the boat and the water were worth it, I thought.

Of course no Seattle trip is complete without a stroll through Pikes Market. The fish throwers are a big hit with a sea-animal-lover like Buddy. This guy talked Buddy into touching the fish and wiping it on me, which was nasty, considering I am NOT a sea-animal-lover. Buddy couldn't understand why we wouldn't pay $32 a pound for the salmon jerky he tasted.


G said...

The salmon jerky was almost worth $32 a pound.

R said...

What a wonderful trip! While Buddy and Sambo may not have been into the game, it was a big deal for grandpa to be with his boys at their first major league game. And as T said her blog, it's always good to be with our family, especially in Seattle on a warm sunny evening and in the rain the next day. As the theme of the game said: We are Family!