Wednesday, May 13, 2009

(un)Cooperative Cousins

My sister and her little boy spent nine days here with us last week. It was so interesting and enjoyable having all three boys together. First of all, we had high hopes for her little Hippo and Sambo to be the best of friends, since they are only 3.5 months apart. Unfortunately, they didn't exactly hit it off this time, but hopefully next! Hippo is extremely friendly and just adores kids. So he was all in favor of creating a loving friendship with Sambo, but Sambo is at a very impatient and no-nonsense stage, so he was the fun-hater in the relationship. Besides, somehow we've given Sambo the impression that he's the center of the universe and so he screeched like a crazy baby every time Hippo came near him or did something he did not approve of. Which happened to be every two seconds.

Luckily, Hippo and Buddy got along marvelously. Those two are definitely cut from the same cloth. In fact, I spent the whole week totally tripped out that there is a baby on this earth so much like Buddy was at that age. The non-stop talking, the massive size, the attention-seeking. I just loved having baby Buddy back in my life for a few days! Plus, Hippo was sincerely amused by all of Buddy's crazy antics, so by the end of the week, Buddy proclaimed, "Hippo is the best friend I've ever had." The fact that Hippo is 13 months old didn't phase him at all.

All-in-all, it was so fun having them here. Hippo was darling and so easy to have hang out with us. And Myndi's late-night chats and stories are always welcome. We've dropped tons of hints over the years that its high-time they move back to Oregon, but hopefully having the cousins together was persuasion enough.

Plus, somebody needs to fatten Sambo up, since what we're feeding him isn't quite cutting it.

Hippo feeding Sambo -- ages 13 months and 17 months respectively


Nicki said...

Check out those handsome boys! I could not even imagine how happy Buddy would be to have his Uncle living close by :)

Myndi said...

I especially love the pictures of Hippo feeding Sambo--so funny. I absolutely love Sambo's wide open mouth in the first one. It's a wonder he's not already fattened up! But maybe that's because he is able to run everywhere he wants to go...unlike the Hippo.

crazymamma said...

ok these were the cutest pics ever..i am soo glad that u got this awesome time with your sister and baby! I wish i could of seen of her and baby hippo but i know there will be a next time...must say those boys are TOO FREAKING ADORABLE!! I LOVE THEM!!!

crazymamma said...

i meant i wish i could have seen of of her...shesh i am going to give up on my typing..i am always having to do another comment just to clairfy !hahahaha

R said...

Having all the boys together was the best! And having everyone else in the fmaily together was just as good.