Monday, May 17, 2010

Something Went Terribly Awry Between 3rd and 5th Grade

My mom has been cleaning out my grandma's house and brought over an envelope of school pictures that my grandma had kept of all of us kids.  Luckily for all of us, she brought the envelopes when my sister was in town and my brother was over at my house.  So we all got to look at each other's pictures and laugh at each other's hair/fashion/buck teeth misfortunes.  I've seen all these pictures before, but there was somthing about seeing them all in sequential order like this that makes me glad my children don't share my genes. 

Needless to say, I went from a very cute baby/toddler/young child to an extremely homely tween.  See for yourself.  

3rd Grade.  Adorable!

4th Grade.  Extremely Homely.  But, I had broken my arm a few weeks before, so my left arm was in a cast, making me unable to do my hair.  Yes, I did have a ponytail back there.  It's hiding, but it's there.
Wow!  A face/hairdo only a mother could love.  Unfortunately, I didn't have a cast that year, so I'm not sure what my sorry excuse was for that monstrosity of a hairdo.  Luckily, I got braces the following year and I never got a perm again. 

If we had known each other back then, would you have been willing to be my friend?


G said...

Considering what I looked like back then, yes, I would have been your friend.

Myndi said...

I always ask L when I show him those pictures, versions of me, "Would you have asked me on another date if I looked like this?"

R said...

I don't think these are that bad. And besides, everyone goes through an awkward stage in adolescence. Your modesty prevents you from announcing you won the Beautiful Baby of Canby contest. You've always had winning looks.

Nicki said...

I would totally be your friend, and I have the picture to prove it :)