Friday, May 7, 2010

College Stories

This has nothing to do with anything, but this funny memory popped into my head and I thought I should record it for posterity.  You know, so my descendants know how I really was. 

When we were first married we lived in married housing at BYU.  We were both really busy with school and doing laundry was such a frustrating chore.  I love doing laundry, but we were busy with work and school so finding the time to traipse down to the laundry building with all our loads was tiresome.  Plus one time I saw a creepy crossdresser in the building and then a few days later saw "WANTED" signs with his description -- and a description of him exposing himself -- all over campus.  So then I vowed I'd never do laundry at night alone.  Plus the laundry room was always packed at night, as you can imagine.  So we quickly realized that the Sabbath was our best bet for getting our laundry done. 

We knew we'd be judged for doing laundry on Sunday, although neither of us had a problem with it.  So we always waited until dusk or dark to do it.  One night we were heading down the stairs and I dropped our Sam's Club size box of laundry soap.  I was furious and said some choice words.  As we made our way the rest of the way down the stairs, we realized our neighbors were sitting outside on lawn chairs with their kids enjoying a "quiet" evening on the lawn.  It just so happened that they were the ideal family with perfectly behaved children, he was the Elder's Quorum president, and they always seemed to speak with kind words to everyone.

I should have been mortified that they discovered our "secret" or heard my bad words and/or yelling at my husband, but I was too busy being angry that our entire box of soap had gotten wasted.  Not to mention, they were our neighbors on the other side of paper thin walls, so they already knew I said bad words and yelled at my husband.

But the memory of us sneaking down the stairs only to make a huge racket still remains one of the highlights of our time in student housing.


R said...

I think the Sabbath, according to the Bible, runs from sundown to sundown. So, you should have felt guiltless after dark on Sunday.

Emma said...

That's a great story. Now
I'm trying to remember who the EQ pres was. The one I'm thinking of lived in your building right? Fun memories.

Jordan said...

That's really funny because T and I also felt the Sabbath was the best day for us to do our laundry. It was the only day where you knew "some people" wouldn't be in the laundry room.