Monday, July 26, 2010

Why Can't You Just Let Life Go?

Shortly after we moved into our house last spring G had to remove a nest from our front porch.  We moved it because on two different ocassions while living in an apartment, a bird built a nest by our front door with lethal results.  So we no longer allow nests near our front door.  Not to mention, I don't like animals that close to me, plain and simple.

However, it should be common knowledge by now that Buddy is a naturalist.  Now a year and a half later he still hasn't gotten over the nest removal.  The other day we were leaving our house and Buddy saw a bird by our front door.  "Do you remember that time dad moved the nest from our porch?  Why can't you just let life go?" he said, exasperated.

He later confessed that one of his grandma's told him to tell me that.  But he can't remember which one.

If only he knew how many ways that simple question applies to my life.
 * * *

Independence is a talent/curse that both of my children have been born with and so I try to encourage them to use those skills to handle all sorts of scenarios in their little lives. And most of the time they manage just fine without me intervening. 

I was in the shower on Friday when Buddy came tearing in.  He is extremely modest, so the fact that he entered the bathroom at all knowing I wasn't dressed meant there was an emergency.

"Sambo is chasing me with obsidian and he's going to throw it at me!!!!!!!  I am NOT handling this, so you are going to have to handle it naked."

Maybe this isn't funny to anyone but me.  But I still haven't stopped laughing at that one.


Krissy said...

No, it is definitely funny!

Nicki said...

That just made my day. Buddy seriously cracks me up!

Myndi said...