Saturday, July 3, 2010

Fatherhood (by G)

There are times in life when the realization hits me that I'm actually a father (why someone would ever trust me with a couple of punk kids is beyond me). I had one of these moments the other day which I will explain.

One summer while I was in law school, I clerked for the firm here in Oregon and lived with a couple fellow law students. All of our wives were working full-time in Provo so the 3 of us decided to live together. These guys were pretty hardcore mountain bikers and so I borrowed a bike from a cousin and joined them whenever I could. I got to really enjoy it and so when I moved back to Provo, I bought a really nice hardtail mountain bike. I rode it as much as I could and enjoyed it so much that for Valentine's Day of the next year, I bought Michelle a mountain bike so she could go with me (at the time she was less than thrilled about her new bike). Both of us continued to mountain bike when we could.

Last week I installed a bike seat on the back of my mountain bike for Sambo. He's too small to ride on his own, but loves getting out and feeling a part of things. So now instead of tearing up and down single-track bike trails holding on for dear life, I will now ride on smooth paved bike pathways and trails with my son. My how things have changed.

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Myndi said...

Hi Sambo. Could you be any cuter?

Hi G. Could you be any more of a dad?