Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Baptism Report

This is old news, I guess.  But I still want to post some pictures and tell all about Buddy's baptism on December 3, 2011.  I've been putting it off a little because I honestly don't know what to say to articulate how great it was. 

Leading up to the baptism we were all a little stressed.  The baptism fell right in the middle of a bunch of other parties and birthdays, but we wanted to make it special.  We were hoping that Buddy's birthmom would be able to come.  Buddy was really stressed and anxious for months leading up to it.  And then there is the typical pressure of having your firstborn grow up (already!).  We hoped we had done our best to teach him and that he was prepared.

Am I so lucky to have such handsome boys in my life?

As we hoped, the entire weekend was perfect.  Buddy's birthmom and her family came and had a wonderful time.  Buddy was happy and calm.  The baptism service was amazing.  And the party afterward was fun.  The weekend was a slice of heaven. 

This picture makes me very happy.

Here are some of the miracles of the baptism:

We were overjoyed to see so many of Buddy's "weak things" become strengths. So many friends and family members and ward members and our bishop showed their love as his baptism approached.  So many people when way above and beyond their duties to help him.  I realized how much people enjoy helping someone who feels vulnerable.  So often we think we need to appear "perfect" or "all together" but this was a great example of a kid who was overwhelmed and the overwhelming love that was shown to him as a result.  And what a difference it made!

Another thing that has been cool, but not really surprising, is the huge growth that has come to him since his baptism.  He is much more responsible and compliant and a lot more emotionally mature than he was two months ago.  His behavior has been pretty darn near perfect.  Isn't that a mother's dream?  An obedient child!  Yay!  Buddy is the type of kid that needs a purpose and a responsibility.  The two times in his life when he's been the easiest to parent have been now (coming off the high of the baptism) and right after Sambo was born (when he felt responsible for caring for his baby).

Buddy's birthmom and her daughter.  Wonderful people like them make my life so very full.

Every time we visit with Buddy's birthmom I feel the same way and say the same things.  But man, oh man.  Those two have a lot in common.  We loved having her with us.  She was so grateful to be here and had so many good insights into the baptism and our relationship.  While I try to articulate to people the special love that they have for each other, I just can't do it.  Things are not and have never been easy for her.  She made such a hard choice to place Buddy with us.  But she said that having an open adoption doesn't make things easier for her, just better.  So beautiful.  She came to church with us on Sunday and bore her testimony.  I was so impressed and Buddy was beaming.  He was so proud of her.  I think everyone in attendance was proud.

The baptism service itself.  We considered having a very pared down service only doing the ordinances and no talks.  But after some prayer and careful thought, Buddy chose people he loves to do the  music and talks.  He called them and asked them to help.  So cute.  Everyone that spoke, prayed, and did the music did such a good job.  Really amazing job, actually.  G and I and his birthfamily spent most of the service in tears.  I'm not sure about anybody else because I was so focused on the moment. I wanted to really remember the moment so when life gets hard for Buddy, I can remind him of the love we all felt that day.

G did such a good job.  I'm so thankful he honors his priesthood.  This can not be overstated.  So, so thankful. 
 Noah's birthmom's daughter.  Such a princess.  We adore her. 


Robison Fam. said...

I am so glad everything went perfect for you guys. You look amazing in these pics Michele! You are great parents and Buddy is so lucky to have so many people who care about him! I am getting teary thinking about going through this with Luke in a few months! Time goes way too fast..where did our chubby babies go?

J said...

Love this post. Camo still say's Nova baptized randomly. It's so cute.


R said...

I was a wonderful event and day indeed. He has really matured, but a hoot to be around!