Tuesday, January 17, 2012

What's Going Right

 Sambo helping me make dinner for some friends.  He loves to cook and is getting to be legitimately helpful. 

 Buddy at the Children's Museum in Reno.  He loves science and will soak up anything anyone is willing to teach him. 

This afternoon I've been working on updating our adoption profile online.  As I've been writing and choosing new photos and basically bragging up our family so a potential birthmother will become interested us, I started feeling really good about myself and all the "wonderful" things going for us as parents.

Then I remembered a few things I've read online lately and wondered why I don't focus more on what's going right in life (especially my parenting).  First of all, I read a fable the other day with the moral that "whatever you feed lives."  So if you feed jealousy toward others, you'll be jealous.  If you feed anger, you'll be angry.  If you feed gratitude, you'll feel grateful (and happy).  I also read a post online about what people feel they are doing right as a parent.  The intention was to make a list of things you are doing well, and continue those in 2012 rather than feel bogged down by all the things you wish you were doing.  Taking the previous moral into consideration, focusing on your successes feeds more success. 

Here's what I'm doing right as a parent:

Teaching my children to do daily service.
Teaching my children to work hard.
Teaching my children to love to read, the value of learning, and formal education.

What are you doing right as a parent?

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Myndi said...

Showing my kids a lot of affection
Not being "too busy"
Being patient (lately)
Teaching my kids the gospel