Sunday, February 12, 2012


Remember how earlier this week I mentioned it was a doozy of a day/week/month?  Unfortunately, things haven't gotten better.  In fact, I dare say they might have gotten worse.  Yikes!

Some of the frustration of the week (life) involves my oldest son.  He is such a charmer, thank goodness.  Because if he wasn't... well, never mind.  (You'd be shocked by some of the stunts he pulls.)  But I'm trying to not dwell on the negative and instead focus on the good in life.  And if he ever got ahold of this blog, he'd be mortified.  So I'll refrain from spilling the juicy details of my week with him.

So tonight we decided to give Buddy the assignment of teaching Family Home Evening on prayer because he thrives on having a job to do -- and his little brother has been having a consistent problem showing reverence and respect during prayers.  (Yes, he has his issues too.)

So Buddy studied up on the subject, looked for some pictures, thumbed through his scriptures and came up with a remarkable lesson.  G and I kept looking at each other throughout the whole thing.  Who is this kid?  We were so impressed with all his great insights.  He spoke sweetly and patiently to his brother, giving him all sorts of instruction on how to pray and how prayer has blessed his life.

This is his sweet spot.  He was born to be a teacher and as frustrating and ridiculous as he can be, it all melts way when we can put him in a position to demonstrate some responsibility, especially in something that really matters to him.  (Note to self.)

And now a little word on his brother who takes drinks during his dinner prayer, and consistently prays for things like "better toys" and "more legos" and not much else.  (Which is why we needed this FHE lesson).  So at one point in the lesson, Buddy mentioned that after we offer thanks for all of our blessings, we ask for things we need.

"Like a dog?" Sambo said.

"Not quite," I said.  "We pray for help, things we actually need, or for other people."

"I NEED a real dog," he said.

And then he burst into tears saying he needs a pet puppy really really bad.

We went around and around about this. All three of us (mostly Buddy -- he was the teacher, after all) tried to explain why that's not an appropriate thing to pray for.  Nothing changed his mind, though.  Over the course of the FHE he probably mentioned he wants a dog thirty times.  At least.

So then we gave him a chance to practice what he had learned and like a good pupil, he prayed for all the wonderful things Buddy had suggested we include in our prayers.  Then he threw in a side note about better toys, more legos, and a real pet dog.

I give up.  Anyone else want a crack at raising my kids????!!!!!

(Because in case you don't know me very well, these children will never own a dog.)

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