Saturday, March 3, 2012

Swap (By G)

I debated what to title this.  My other options "Persistence" or "I Finally Wore Her Down."  Three and a half years ago I bought at Acura TL-S.  I loved this car.  It was a lot of fun to drive and was really fast (3 traffic tickets fast).  However, ever since I sold my Jeep, I have been longing for another SUV.  We have our Subaru Outback, which has been a great car, but it's a pain to switch car seats whenever I needed all-wheel drive and M didn't really like driving my car.  After a long time of me constantly bringing it up, M finally gave in and I replaced the TL-S with an Acura MDX.  I love it.  M has used it a few times and while it's not really convenient to get kids in an out of the third row, it can seat 7 people.  I will miss the TL-S, but I'm really happy with the MDX.  At least for now . . . . . 

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