Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Feeding Ducks and Boys

We pulled some bread from the freezer the other day and the bag it was packaged in was totally split the entire length of the loaf.  I'm paranoid about germs, so rather than tossing it, I thought it would be a good idea to go to the river and feed the ducks.  We hadn't done that in years.  Such a simple activity and so very fun.  Especially for Buddy, who loves birds.

When Buddy was 18 months we took him to feed ducks in Utah one time.  He did not understand that the bread was intended for the ducks and not for him.  We all got a good laugh at the time and we still bring that up from time to time.  Well low and behold, at age 8 he still didn't understand.  He'd toss a piece to the ducks, and take a bite for himself.  And he begged and begged for me to save the last piece of bread for him.  Even though I had fed him a snack (anticipating this) five minutes before we started feeding the ducks.

This is Buddy feeding the ducks at age 8.

This is Buddy feeding the ducks at 18 months.

The other funny part?  Right as we finished feeding the ducks an entire Costco loaf (minus a piece), I noticed a sign asking park visitors to "please avoid feeding the waterfowl."  Oops.  No wonder all the fishermen were giving us the stink eye.

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R said...

I remeber when the earlier photo was taken. I can't believe Buddy was that round!