Tuesday, June 5, 2012

More Antics

Well, I guess I can stop complaining about not having any pics of me and the kids.  We had new family pictures taken and the photographer took one of me and them.  Unfortunately, I look weird and I'm choking Buddy.  But it's better than nothing.  

Per usual, it's been awhile since I've written.  Usually I write less when I have things on my mind.  I'm too wimpy to write when I'm thinking a lot because I worry about offending the throngs of people who read this blog.  As a result, I don't end up writing about anything of substance, and if I do, I don't publish it.  But I enjoy the process of writing and I enjoy having a small record of the happenings of this family, so I'll keep the lame posts up for now.

A picture is worth a thousand words.  This is my life.  I adore this picture!

Here are a few recent happenings:
Buddy asked me if he's a nerd because he likes science. I said, "I don't really think it's polite to call someone that, so i don't think so.  But other kids might call you that.  Don't worry about it though. Who cares what they think."  The he proceeded to explain: "Well, I might be a nerd because I like science, but a lot of nerds like math and doing extra homework and I do NOT like those things."  I'm not sure why he asks me for my opinion when he has it all figured out.

Sambo (age 4) informed me that a neighbor boy (age 8) has boobs with "buttons."  He was so confused about this. 

Buddy and his friend wrote "You have a big butt" with sidewalk chalk on the friend's neighbor's porch because the boy that lives there is mean.  As rude as this is, I found it mildly amusing.  Especially because it didn't happen on my watch, so I didn't have to deal with it or apologize.  And seriously, if I walked outside and saw that message on my porch in kid-scrawl, I would laugh.

I hadn't heard Buddy talk about his girlfriend in a few days, so I asked him about her.  I accidentally said, "Are you still 'dating' Ellie?"  As you can imagine, he FREAKED.  I forgot that elementary kids don't call it 'dating.'  In fact, elementary kids don't even talk to their significant others.  They chase at recess or simply look at each other, from what I'm told.  I tried to figure out what the proper terminology is these days for this age (going steady?  going out?) but Buddy was so offended he ended the conversation.  Anyone know?

Sambo has picked up a swearing problem.  You'll probably judge me for this, but he's said some doozies -- including calling several people (me, his brother, a guy in our ward, and my mom) a "stupid ass."  I probably shouldn't, but I find this hilarious.  (He doesn't know I find it funny.)

I found Sambo in his room making a paper airplane, as he followed instructions from his brother's book.  His folds and creases were perfect.  Have you ever tried to follow origami instructions?  I can't follow them so I was extremely impressed he could.  He also can now follow the instructions to build his own Lego sets.  I guess considering he's been playing Legos alongside his brother since he was two, I shouldn't be surprised.  It's so fun to see what he creates on his own too.  I had breakfast with some friends this morning.  I wasn't planning on bringing Sambo, but preschool got cancelled.  So at the last minute I filled a baggie with Legos and he quietly played with them for two hours at the restaurant without disturbing us once.

You'll probably judge me for this too, but I like Pitbull.  As in the rapper.  I find him fascinating and very talented.

We had to throw away one of Sambo's pairs of orange pumpkin socks because they got holes in them.  It was a sad day indeed.  He wears pumpkin socks year round every time they get washed and put back in his drawer.  Fortunately, he has one pair left.

Our Costco/American Express cards expire this month, so they mailed us new ones.  When G's arrived, he noticed someone else's picture on the back.  The guy could be G if he was bald and 40 pounds heavier.  We thought this was so incredibly funny.  He called to report the problem.  And the new card arrived today via UPS.  And low and behold, the same guy is on the back of his new card. I cannot even express to you the hilariousness of this situation.  It's been the highlight of our month. 

Our good friends are moving to California for a job promotion.  They listed their house on Thursday and got an offer higher than their asking price today. I'm so happy for them, and so hopeful it works out.  But I'm sooooo sad they are moving.  We love them.

I'm not going to revisit the whole story of my cardiovascular woes.  Pretty much everyone that reads this blog already knows.  But after some patience for the past three months, my heartrate has lowered slightly and I've started running.  I'm running painfully slowly, but as a result I haven't had any of the symptoms I was having.  Plus I've been able to run a good distance and am improving every time I run.  This is really exciting because this is something I've wanted to do for a very long time.  I'm busy, just like every other mom on this planet, and finding the two-hours to get to the gym several times a week is really hard to do.  I've been wanting to run outside, which requires far less of a time commitment.  I prefer exercising alone, but I had a 40 minute window of time on Saturday, so I thought I'd try bringing the kids on a run with me.  Sambo rode his bike and Buddy and I ran.  We covered 3.35 miles and not only did Buddy keep up the entire time, but in fact, I couldn't keep up with him.  The only part of the entire run that I got ahead of him was when he stopped to catch a snake along the way.  He ran with that thing in his hands for a few yards, but I'm terrified of snakes, so I made him throw it down.  Despite the snake and Sambo running into a parked car on his bike, it was a really good experience and I'm hoping this is the first of many family runs!

Buddy asked me if when I was a kid did I get whipped at school if I was bad?  First of all, I never ever was bad at school.  But it reminded me of the time he asked me if a particular book existed "in the olden days" when I was a kid.  

Buddy has gotten obsessed with the movie, Jurassic Park.  He watched it two days in a row and has been re-reading all his dinosaur books he loved when he was younger.  He is planning to watch it several more times this weekend. 

Tonight G met me at the mall so he could take the kids to the free Lego build at the Lego store.  Meanwhile I went shopping in peace.  Later we met up for dinner, then he took them home to put them to bed and I continued shopping alone.  In peace.  It was ecstasy.

The kids came looking for me in Forever 21 at one point tonight.  In the 30 seconds they were int the store, Sambo pantsed (I haven't said that since junior high.  Are people still using that term?) a mannequin.  It was really funny, but you can see why I enjoy shopping in peace.  I turned around and walked away pretending I didn't know them, and let G deal with it.  Buddy laughed so hard he literally fell on the floor.  G later said it was pretty awkward pulling up the mannequin's pants, especially since the mannequin was standing right by the door opening to the busy food court.

School is out next week.  Hallelujah!!!!!!!! 

It was "twin day" in Buddy's class at school today, so he and his friend dressed up in their Scout shirts.  He was so proud to wear his Scout shirt to school.  Apparently only one other set of kids dressed up and another set claimed they did, "but they weren't even wearing the same outfit, so you can't really call that twins." 

A kid in our primary class barfed on Sunday.  Thank heavens, he was near the trash can when it happened so all the puke was contained.  Still, it made for a very dramatic class.  We had to relocate outside because I'm a germaphobe and didn't want to be anywhere near that smell.  It was exciting enough that we got a funny email from a mom of a kid in the class.  Apparently her son couldn't stop talking about the incident.

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crazymamma said...

ok.can i say how much i love your writing and your posts. i am not kidding you. this had me laughing with tears.i miss you guys so much. i am glad same has only learnd the tearm "smart ass" because i know between you and i there should be a few more terms he should be using on a regular basis. hahahahaha. and your pics..they are ardorable. i cannot wait to see them all. you need to email them to me. have i mentioned how much i miss you. and sambo and noah boah..and greg too. well i miss you . alot. nough said.