Sunday, July 29, 2012

Cub Scout Camp

Building a trebuchet.  Buddy and I learned mommy isn't so good at building things.  But by the end of the week, I definitely got better. 

The boys launching rocks with their trebuchets at the castle.

The long-anticipated week finally arrived.  Buddy went to Cub Camp!  Sambo and I tagged along all week, which turned out fun too.  I think I actually had more fun than Buddy.  There were 19 boys in our group, so we split into two "packs."  It was a ton of fun playing with the all the boys in our group.  I was so impressed with what respectful and fun boys we had.  I loved getting to know them on our long drives to and from the camp every day.  And watching them be supportive of each other and learn new skills made it worth it to be there.  I'll spare you my full feelings on the matter, but unlike most parents, I actually enjoy being with my kids.  So hanging with Buddy all week and supporting him in his activities was the best part of all. 

One token cute shot of Sambo.  He spent the week with the younger kids in a daycare-type area at the camp. 

Buddy had a lot of fun, even though it was super stressful at times for him.  He gets overwhelmed by lots of rules. (Heck-I got overwhelmed by all their rules too.  I'm a rigid rule-follower by nature, but I was ready to run myself over a cliff by the end of the week.  I was so tired of enforcing the camps strict rules all week.  No running!  No touching sticks!  Put that pine cone down!  No having any fun!!!!)  Plus the stress of learning new skills and not being perfect at everything was hard for Buddy.  Then halfway through the week he got really sick and eventually had to miss the last day.  But despite the ups and downs of the week, we really enjoyed our first time as a cub scout family.

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