Monday, July 30, 2012

More Words of Wisdom

Here are some more words of wisdom from my children.

These first two happened a few months ago but are too funny not to share.  I love the wit and banter that comes from having a slightly older child.  I can't decide what's more funny.  The cleverness of Buddy's speech, or the naivety of Sambo's.

  • My friend, Nicki, went to Alabama for Porsche Driving School.  I was telling Buddy about this and after he asked when she'd be back, he said, "I hope when she comes home from Alabama she has a banjo on her knee."  
  • Buddy's middle name is Jesse.  Near the end of school a new girl named Jessie joined his class.  He came home from school and told me about the new student saying, "When my teacher told us we'd get a new student named Jessie, I assumed it would be a boy.  And if it was a girl, I would have assumed she'd have red hair, a lasso, and a horse named Bullseye."
  • Sambo was talking about animals.  Because he couldn't talk during the years and months kids learn about animals and the sounds they make, he still gets confused about stuff like that.  So on this occasion, he said, "What's that squirrel called that squirts stink out it's butt?"  (A skunk?)
  • I still make my kids ride in carseats, even though it isn't legally required.  We had a friend (age 4) over for a playdate.  I had to pick Buddy up from school while he was over, so I put the friend in Sambo's 5-point harnass, I put Sambo in Buddy's booster seat and Buddy sat in the middle with a seatbelt.   
          Buddy: "How come if Spencer is taller than Sambo, he had to be in the baby seat?"
          Me: "Cause that's the type of carseat his mom puts him in."
          Buddy: "Oh, so his mom is paranoid too."
  • Me:  Do you still have a crush on Ch___?
          Buddy:  No.  I have crush on E___ and Cl____.  I certainly don't need three.
  • I've been teaching Sambo to read.  He was sounding out "got" and by mistake said, "God."  I said, "Close..." and immediately he changed it to "Gosh." 
  • While reading the Doctrine & Covenants, Buddy read about Orson Hyde (section 75).  He suddenly stopped reading and said, "Oh.  For a second there I was hoping this was talking about Mr. Hyde.  You know from Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.  But this really isn't a story about monsters, so it makes sense that this is somebody else."
  •  Sambo was putting his arms in his shirt at Safeway because he was cold.
           Sambo: This is my baby (putting his hands in his shirt to puff it out like he was pregnant.)
           Buddy: Boys can't have babies. (pause) They can help, but we don't need to explain that to a 4-year old.

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R said...

These are hilarious! As TV personality Art Linkletter used to say (an wrote a book entitled): Kids say the darnedest things!