Thursday, November 8, 2012

Halloween-8 Days Late

I can't let the Halloween season get too far gone without posting some pictures.  My kids LOVE Halloween.  I'm not such a fan myself (besides the candy), but since they love it, I make an effort and go with the flow.  Buddy loves it more than Christmas, so that's saying something.

This year the kids carved their own pumpkins.  We figured Buddy was old enough to do his own, since neither G or I really enjoy it.  But then Sambo wants to do whatever his brother does, so he did his own too.  We used patterns we found online.  We were really impressed Buddy could manage. But we were REALLY amazed at Sambo's fine motor skills.  His hands were made to create, I'll tell you what.  We helped him ever so slightly, but mostly he did it himself.

Then since me and G were just sitting around and we had extra pumpkins on hand, we decided to carve some too.  Talk about ironic. 

From left:  Buddy (age 8)-Skeleton, Sambo (age 4)-Bat, M-Grim "Creeper" (this name annoyed the crap out of Buddy), G-Spider

This year Buddy was a grim reaper at school.  And for trick-or-treating he was a zombie.  He made his costume and did his makeup himself.

Sambo had the idea of being a bad guy from Tron Legacy.  We researched costumes online but they weren't very cool.  So after some discussions and a brilliant suggestion by Sambo, we decided glow sticks attached to black clothes would be awesome.  We bought a ton of glow sticks and before going to Buddy's school Halloween party, we hot-glued them to his outfit.  G had warned me hot glue was NOT going to work, but I refused to listen.  Before we even got out of the car at school the glow sticks had all fallen off.  It was really sad and Sambo was extremely disappointed. But it was  good learning experience to trust my husband, and that we would need better adhesive for trick-or-treating.

So we headed back to the store and bought a million more glow sticks and used packing tape instead to attach them.  He looked SO awesome.  We got several compliments out trick-or-treating that it was the coolest costume of the night.

And the best part:  no rain.  It poured all day, but cleared up for the big night out.  This is the 8th year in a row (that I've been keeping track) we've had dry weather on Halloween. And it was warm too. 

 Are these kids awesome, or what?!

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R said...

Those pumpkins are awesome! And the costumes, too. Sorry we couldn't make it this year.