Saturday, February 16, 2013

Introducing Rudy

Our little baby boy is already two months old!  I go back and forth between deep sadness that time is going so fast and also excitement about his bright future.  Fortunately, I don't have any regrets about the time I've spent holding him and staring at him these past nine weeks.  I've tried really hard to make him a priority and to savor every single day with him, since he'll likely be our last baby. 

I absolutely LOVE babies, especially newborns.  I love they way the cuddle.  I love the way they curl into a ball or arch their back when I lay them on my shoulder.  I love their smell.  I love their soft wrinkly skin.  I love their soft silky hair.  I love their squeaks.  I love the long feedings.  I love coaxing those first smiles.  I love engaging them to get their first laughs.  I love giving them baths.  I love changing diapers.  I love watching their reflexes.  I love their coos.  I love the way they stare at my face and the lights in the room.  I love the way they look for my voice when I'm not holding them.  I love the way my life slows down when caring for a newborn.  I love sitting on the couch for days and weeks and just looking at them.  I know many people feel bored and that the monotony of caring for a newborn is unproductive or depressing.  But I feel more alive and more like myself when I have one in my arms.  There is nothing in the whole world that is more exciting and more enjoyable and makes me feel more productive than caring for my little Rudy Rooster.  I just love this.  I wish time would slow down. 

I will add more details about what he's learning and what he's like soon.  And I'll tell about his adoption and birth soon too. ...As well as finally highlight Sambo's 5th birthday.  Stay tuned!


Robison Fam. said...

I teared up reading this because I too love newborns, they are so close to heaven and sadly my little Evan is getting way too big too fast!

R said...

Welcome to the family, Rudy! Can't wait for you to get big enough to do things with all of us!