Monday, March 25, 2013

More Quotes

I hesitate to post these next three stories in the same blog post because it makes Buddy seem like a monster.  In reality, he is the most tender-hearted person you'll ever meet.* But here goes. 

* * *

Buddy:  "I'm going to try to be perfect today.  Or is that putting too much pressure on myself?"

* * *

There is a rather large woman who is the crossing guard in the afternoon at Buddy's school.  I asked him what her name is.  He said he didn't know.  Then he asked me if i think she is ugly. I stifled a laugh (because she is-and because she seems really cranky) and said no, and gave him a mini lecture about how rude that is. I said she doesn't choose the way she looks, that's how God made her. In my head i was laughing at my own lecture. then I said, "And what if she goes home to her husband and says there is this ugly kid at school that wears Shaun White shirts and he has freckles and blue eyes. Wouldn't that hurt your feelings."  And without skipping a beat he said, "You sure she's married? I really doubt she's married."

* * *

Sambo was trying to convince me to build spaceships out of Legos with him today. I don't have a creative bone in my body, so I suggested I pull out some instructions and build a set with him.  He didn't want to do that, so then I suggested he build a spaceship and I just find him the right pieces.  He didn't like that idea either.   He said, "You just don't know how to put the pieces together?  I can show you how to do that."  I explained that I know how to put the pieces together, but I just have a hard time being creative and knowing how to put the pieces together to make it look like a spaceship.  And so it really stresses me out.

He said, "Mom, you just need to believe in yourself.  I believe in myself and that's when I get my good ideas."  What a great life lesson!

*Saturday I ran into a boy from Buddy's class at the grocery story.  He has autism.  Buddy adores him and is a really good friend to him, which is why I knew who he was.  We hear stories about him all the time!  I introduced myself to him and and his dad.  Later as I was checking out at the store, the boy came up to me and asked if Buddy would like to play with him at his house sometime.  I said he would love to.  He ran back to his dad cheering "Dad!  She said he wants to play with me!  She said yes!" 

Then today I had an interesting phone call from the babysitter of a kid in Buddy's class at church. I hardly know who he is (and certainly had no clue who the babysitter was or how they got our number) but she was calling to ask if Buddy could come over to play.  She said that since it is spring break, she asked the kid if he wanted to invite a friend over to play.  He suggested his "best friend."  I didn't even really know Buddy was friends with him.  Buddy was gone all day today, so when he got home I asked him about the kid.  He said, "Well our teacher at church told us that he didn't have any friends and feels lonely in our class, so I've been making sure he doesn't feel like that any more."

...So while the crossing guard story is really, REALLY funny, it's not an accurate reflection of his big heart. 

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