Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Preparing For Easter

I find the following story extremely funny.  This one story tells you every thing you need to know about Sambo's personality and why I say he is so easy and crazy all at the same time. 

One of our favorite things to do as a family is to do some sort of challenge.  We have our "summer challenge" and our "reading challenge" and we did a Valentine's activity (it wasn't really a challenge, but sort of).  And this year we decided to start an annual "Easter Challenge" to get us focused, ready and excited for Easter.  At the end of our challenges we always celebrate with a family activity. 

Our Easter Challenge put simply:  we have a list of different activities we can do.  We put a marble in a jar for every activity we complete.  If we fill up the jar before Easter we will go bowling as a family.  We've been at the challenge for about 10 days and so far it's been really fun and good to focus on the purpose of Easter.  We are all really into it and we share what we accomplished during the day each night at dinner. 

So on Sunday during the sacrament I leaned over and reminded Sambo that by focusing on Jesus during the sacrament he could earn a marble.  He was glad for the reminder because he is VERY eager about the challenge.  I told him to go remind Buddy, who was sitting at the end of our row.  After reverently whispering to Buddy, Sambo came back and sat down by me.  He ceased his drawing he had been doing and bowed his head and prayed.  I sort of laughed to myself at how pious he was being, but he loves earning marbles, so I wasn't too surprised.

A little while later I got G's attention because Sambo was still being exceedingly reverent.  G informed me that Sambo had whispered to Buddy to remember to think about the Easter Bunny during the sacrament.

It caught me so off-guard, I literally laughed out loud.  He is such a contrast of sweet and clever and sneaky.  I hope I never forget this story.

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