Sunday, April 22, 2007

And So It Begins

We have been reading Blogs for a while and have finally decided to start our own. The inspiration for the name of the Blog come from a phrase that M has coined. Usually after a long day with our 3 year-old, she will say, "Another day, another dollar; oh wait, I don't get paid for this!" I then try to explain to her that living with me and raising the boy should be all the payment she needs. Unfortunately, she doesn't see it quite like that. Her typical response is something like "living with you and raising the boy is like constantly fighting with 2 teenagers." The trouble is, is that she is probably right.

There is not anything in particular that we are trying to accomplish with this Blog nor any news that we intend to disseminate. Mostly, it will give us an opportunity to share stories, 3 year-old quotes, rant and rave, and anything else we feel like. This should come as no surprise because anyone who knows us, knows we have opinions on everything and freely give advice whether solicited or not. Here we go.

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Mandy said...

"disseminate" hmmm....That's a pretty big word for someone that talks like a 3rd grader.