Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Happy Anniversary

M and I were married on April 25, 1998. Today marks 9 years of marital bliss (or hopefully something like that). We realized that 10 years ago we were in NYC with some friends of ours and during that time we got to know each other better (in some ways more than others). Then things were on-again, off-again, until we finally got married.

When we were first married, we moved into a studio apartment in Reno, NV where the cigarette smoke from the upstairs tenant would filter into our closet and bathroom so that we smelled like heavy smokers; where the male landlord, with a very pronounced lisp, would run around in daisy dukes and make flower arrangements; and where every morning some dude across the parking lot would hang out in front of his apartment in nothing but a robe and read the paper. I was sure that he was going to molest M at some point. Now we live in a home, have a son, we haven't taking up smoking, and the only person in a bathrobe M has to worry about molesting her is me.

We both agreed that we would stay married for 10 years with the option to renew at the 10 year anniversary. I think that we'll probably renew next year since we continue to have a lot of fun with each other. Despite how annoying I can be, I think M still likes me enough to hang around.

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