Thursday, April 26, 2007


Our IT guy at work showed me how to add .mp3 ringtones to my phone as well as a how to edit a song to make it into a ringtone. This, of course, has been the source of much amusement for me. Both M and I have come up with ringtones for specific people and some general ones as well. The possibilities are endless. However, it does come with some risk depending on what we choose. I'm sure that at some point, someone will call at an inappropriate time who has been assigned an inappropriate ringtone. Just like the time we were waiting in the temple before M's brother was about to get married and someone called M's sister's husband and Metallica started blarring. I laughed but M's sister was angry.

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Dramalish said...

Hi M!
I made it over from my blog... glad to see you guys have one now. Happy Belated Anniversary- time flies, huh? We're up for #10 in October. Blows my mind.

I love the profile pic of your wee frisky pony, there. He's too cute.