Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Big Mac Attack

People have been telling M and I, for a while now, that we need to watch "Supersize Me." For the few who haven't seen it, it is a documentary where a guy decides to eat nothing but McDonald's food for a month. He gained 25 pounds, his cholestrol shot up dramatically and the doctors told him to stop about halfway through or he might die. The effects on his body were pretty extreme. The point was that fast food is really bad and you should not eat it.
However, for some reason, instead of being totally disgusted and wanting to avoid fast food, it seemed to have the opposite effect on me. To be honest, as soon as the movie was over, I was halfway in the car to go to McDonald's for a Big Mac. M stopped me, but my Big Mac cravings have not stopped. In fact, I think they are getting stronger. I will eat one, maybe tomorrow, despite knowing that it is really bad for me. Even typing this entry is making me hungry for a Big Mac.

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