Sunday, July 29, 2007

Punk Rocker

This week was a particularly exciting week for me as the new Sum 41 album was released. M, being the wonderful wife that she is, went to the store, bought it for me, and then brought it to my work. I have listened to it multiple times and it gets better every time.

Jr and I have similar tastes in music for the most part but he tends to gravitate more toward female singers (not that I blame him, but he is only 3). However, he also shares my enthusiasm for Sum 41 even to a degree that I haven't seen from him. The other night they played on the Tonight Show and I recorded it. Now, Jr begs every night before he goes to bed to watch them perform "Walking Disaster." We have used this to our advantage and we tell him that he can watch it if he is obedient. He watches for a little while and then usually gets up to dance around like a madman.

On Saturday night, M and I decided to go out with some friends and we took advantage of our gym's "Parents Escape." Can't beat 4 hours of free time while the workers in the kid's area play with the boy. While we were driving there we were, of course, listening to Sum 41 in the car. Jr piped up and said that he was going to tell the teachers that he loves Sum 41. We laughed, but didn't think he would really do it. Much to our surprise, when we went to pick him up, he came out with a paper airplane that one of the workers made for him. The plane was adorned with "Sum 41" written all over it. We laughed all the way home imagining the reaction of one of the teenage girls playing with Jr and him telling her he loves Sum 41 and wanted it colored on his airplane. I'm proud of the boy.

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