Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Taking Sides

Junior has opinions on everything. He formulates his own and most of the time he sides with M. However, he finally took my side on an issue. I've never been more proud of the boy. The other day we went to Costco because we needed some things. I was driving and decided to park in a different spot than we normally do. M didn't liked where I parked, and since she is not shy about expressing her opinions, told me so. However, we weren't really fighting and the subject came and went. Junior, after having a couple of days to process this, decided that on the way to church that he was going to make his opinions known. He told M that it was "fine" where I parked at Costco and that she shouldn't be mad at me because it was fine. Unfortunately, I was not with them when his lecture began but apparently it lasted the entire car ride. I think Junior was just looking for a time to be alone with his mother so he could talk to her about her behavior. That's my boy!

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