Thursday, September 20, 2007

Recent Events

I suppose that given the last couple of posts by M that I should make a few comments. Very rarely do I get sentimental or emotional, etc. so this is one of those rare times. While there is a ton of things that could potentially go wrong with this adoption, so far we feel fortunate to have found someone with the love, maturity, and forethought to want her baby to have a better life with two parents and a brother who can take care of him. The whole situation has freaked me out and will likely continue to do so for many reasons. However, I have also felt a strange sense of calm. I am excited for the propects of having another son who will carry on the family name but will also be santized from my genes. I am also excited that M will have 3 people to take care of her (although in reality it will be her that will take care of all of us).

With respect to the support we have gotten, I want to thank all of you (whether you read and comment on the blog or not) who have done so much for us and more particularly so much for M. While words do not adequately express our gratitude, we are truely grateful for all of your love and support. I now raise my bottle of Thomas Kemper Vanilla Cream soda and toast all of you.


StrykerMan said...

Papa G! I couldn't think of a luckier place for that little boy to go. I'm still considering handing my kids over to you - they would probably turn out better. Congrats again.

Chastity said...

Well said.