Sunday, September 16, 2007

Thank You, Friends

G and I have the dearest, most wonderful friends and families. Everyone has been so overjoyed and so supportive of our exciting baby news. What a lucky little baby to have all these people so anxious for his arrival!

I've mentioned before how great my two friends, Shauna and Nicki, have been to support us. I'm sure it's not easy to be on the outside of this adoption chaos looking in. I hate the idea of people feeling like they have to walk on eggshells around us, hoping not to offend us with "too much" baby-talk as we've waited and worked hard to find another baby all these years. I'm sure I would be a terrible friend if I were them -- constantly worrying that I was saying or doing the wrong thing. These two friends have been, well, perfect. They've talked with me, prayed for me, made dinner for me, brought us treats, given me a massage, watched Buddy for hours on end while I've attended to adoption stuff, plus just been available for me to lean on. I can hardly wait to re-pay them.

We have other great friends too. Our families have their own problems, yet everyone has been so understanding and patient with us. My sister is pregnant and sick as a dog, yet she never says stupid comments like, "Just be glad you're not throwing up like me..." Instead, she is excited for me and includes me in all her pregnancy news, although I'm sure it's a little awkward for her at times. (By the way, she found out she was pregnant with this, her first baby, the same day we started talking with Pee-Wee's birth mom. I've thanked God several times that he spared me any jealousy. I can be genuinely happy for her because I have my own good news!) Our bishop has been remarkable. I better understand his role in my life now. We've had friends in the ward fast for us. I've got old friends who live in other states that have offered their help and support. I just am so overwhelmed with love and friendship. I hope I can be the kind of friend I've got.

We were out of town on Friday and Saturday. We can home to read this, from our long-time friends in Utah. I'm speechless for two reasons. I just can't believe how genuinely excited they are. How cool to be the topic of someone else's blog!

And... I can't believe how FAT Buddy was when he was a baby! Check out that link, if only to count his fat rolls. He's changed so much, I had almost forgotten how chubby he was. He was nine months old in that picture. It's a wonder he could even move!


shauna said...

michelle i love you to death!!!

StrykerLOVE said...

of course La, - make sure your post it updated with all developments ok?! and Marc let me know too, btw that greg's song was called "uniformed". and not untitled. so we listened to it for old times sakes and reminised how in love he really was with you before he even knew it. you deserve all this love.

StrykerLOVE said...

um, that would be un-informed not uniformed opps

Nicki said...

You are such a great friend, seriously. I'm just so glad that we get to share this whole experience with you!