Thursday, September 13, 2007

September 12th

September 12, 2003
Four years ago today. On this day our dreams of becoming parents became a reality. The day before, G had learned that he had passed the Bar. To say that was a blessing and a relief would be an understatement. The next day we got "the call" from our caseworker. We met with him that night and he delivered the wonderful news that we had been chosen by a birth mother in Idaho. Our little baby boy was due in three months. We were overjoyed. He's grown up so quickly and I love my little boy more than I could have ever imagined.

September 12, 2007
Today. Today our dreams of another baby became a reality. We have been working with a wonderful birth mother for about six weeks now. We were cautiously hopeful that she was the one for us. After a long wait and a series of disappointments, we were really hesitant to make a deep connection with her. We knew she loved us, but we weren't convinced that this was right. Today I spent nine hours with her -- first during a prenatal appointment and ultrasound, and then while her perinatologist monitored her contractions, and then while they admitted her to labor and delivery tonight for further monitoring and testing. It was a long day, but we connected on such a deep level, words can not express the spiritual bond the two of us share. She invited G and Buddy to come visit her tonight too. When G arrived, she told us that for several weeks now she's wanted to tell us exactly how she feels about us. She got a little emotional and the things she told us were so tender and loving. It was the peace we've been waiting for.

He's a BOY and he's due in three months. I've got a couple copies of Pee-Wee's 3-D ultrasound pictures and let me just say, he's adorable. She's only 24 weeks, so if you can spare a prayer, she could use some to keep him in utero for a few more months. I woke up this morning hoping and praying I'd learn to love him like I did Buddy at this stage in the process. I think I do.


StrykerLOVE said...


congrats parents to be again. of course we will pray really hard that all will be well with the pregnancy!!!!!!!!!! and of course you will love your baby every bit at much - its crazy how much your heart has room without giving up an ounce of love for your other children. and good that its a boy - boys are the best and N can teach him the ropes of boyhood. i am so EXCITED for you. Suspenseful times though - keep us informed!!!

Emily said...

Oh Michelle,

I am so excited for you I can't hardly stand it. I sat here, reading that over and over and over again because I'm so elated for you. What a gift. What a blessing. Much love.

Emma said...

Congratulations. That is fabulous news. We are excited for you! I pray that all goes well.

Yin said...

Hooray! It has been fun getting updates from G at work. Yang and I are very excited for you.