Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Star Struck

My sister blogged about taking her baby (in utero) to his first concert the other night. They saw Mika. I'm a little jealous, Henry!
Well, not to be out-done, Pee-Wee attended his first concert yesterday and I'm pretty sure he enjoyed it. Buddy did, that's for sure. The Children's Museum hosted Captain Bogg and Salty, a pirate rock band that performs for children and adults alike. By day they perform in schools and at libraries, and by night you can catch them at local nightclubs. They're a Portland band, but as of this year, they're touring nationwide -- which is pretty lucky for my blog readers who live in other states.
Captain Bogg and Salty are totally cool. Make no bones about it. G and Buddy went with some friends to the Pirate Festival in Portland during the summer and heard the band perform. Everyone came home raving about how entertaining they were. I couldn't imagine. I mean, I've listened to their CD's a hundred times and while I'll admit the songs are catchy, I just couldn't imagine giving them a rave review. They're a bunch of dudes dressed up like pirates for crying out loud. Well, here you have it. They were amazing in concert. They sing well, their dance moves are cool, they're fun, and they have a good mix of kid and adult humor. And to be honest, I'm really surprised G hasn't quit his day job to try to join the band. Buddy loves cool music too and has been dead set on being a "worker guy playing the guitar" in Sum 41. But now he's torn. Being a kid entertainer in a pirate band... now that's a dream job. Move over Wi.ggles and any other annoying kid bands (I can't think of any others, but I know they exist). Captain Bogg is in the HOUSE!Check out some song samples on Amazon. And check out their website soon for an list of their upcoming concerts.


Chelle said...

I'm looking them up right away with reviews like that.

My absolute favorite part about these pictures is the kids dressed in skull and bones shirts. Classic.

Jordan said...

It seems you and G are often involved in sweet activities. I hope you invite T and I along when we get back to Oregon.

Jax,Jer,Luke and Jared said...

That looks like a lot of fun. I miss the children's museum and the zoo sooo much! That picture of peewee is adorable. Which reminds me, are you ever going to send me some more pictures of that boy? Hope that the sore ears and the puking has gotten better!

StrykerLOVE said...

my sister - the annual celebrater of 'talk like a pirates' day made sure that we got a couple of youtube video's of these guys and that was pretty amusing. I went to the website but either I am too incompetent to translate pirate lingo or it looks we are out of luck for a utah showing:-(

Myndi said...

Where did Buddy get that hat?!?