Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Super Tuesday, Super Smart-Mouth, and Super Cute!

Today is Super Tuesday and I'm really excited. I have been totally obsessed with this election, the candidates, the media coverage, and of course the issues being debated. I just love it all.

Well, except when Hillary Clinton keeps "tearing up" a few days before critical primaries. Why does she keep doing that? She drives me nuts on a good day, and when she cries and wears bright yellow pants suits... yuck. And I don't like that McCain is doing so well. The most pressing issues are the economy and Iraq and I honestly don't trust him with either one.

I do, however, like that Giuliani and Edwards dropped out. Thank goodness. They were both driving me crazy too. Edwards was a good enough guy, just not right for this contest. And they didn't add any drama to the election. Who needs a boring and ill-qualified candidate?

Anyway, that leaves Obama, Romney, and Huckabee. I fully trust all three, although politically, of course, I agree most with the religious two. Obama is a smooth talker and a great leader but I'm still not totally sure about his stance on a lot of issues. But I admit, he'd make a decent president. Romney is smart and respectable but a little stiff and awkward. And Huckabee is just downright cool, but I realize doesn't have a prayer (if I can say that about a preacher-man).

I've been reading my News.week magazines like crazy (although I'm admittedly a little behind), I've been watching election coverage on TV (although I really wish we got the cable news channels), and I've been reading online as much as possible. Oh, who needs writers when there is election coverage! Kind of reminds me of a situation during the last election. I was part of a bunko club and the monthly game night fell on the night of one of the debates between Bush and Kerry. No kidding, I found myself a substitute for the game so I wouldn't have to miss the debate. What a dork, I know.
* * *

Buddy is so hilarious, but SUCH a smart-mouth. That kid...

There's an indoor fieldhouse in town which is really great when it's raining. Like it has been here for the past two months straight. Anway, it's in a hard-to-find location in a residential neighborhood and I hadn't been in a good year. So the first time I went this winter I had some trouble finding it. Eventually we found our way. Well the next time we went, I set out to go a different way. Buddy got all concerned that I was taking him somewhere else. I reassured him that we were going to the fieldhouse, I was just going a different way. He said, "Will you get lost this time?" I told him I knew right where I was going. He replied, "Well, imagine that."

On Sunday during church Buddy leaned over and whispered, "I wish I could be a daddy." I asked him why, assuming he was going to say something cute and touching since a good friend just finished blessing his newborn daughter -- and Buddy has been really curious about the priesthood. Nope. He said, "Because daddies always yell at their kids during church."

And then this morning I was rushing around trying to get everybody ready to go to the library for story time. Buddy was finishing breakfast and I was trying to locate the two movies that were due at the library. Buddy has this strange obsession with staring at the cases of DVD's. He re-plays the movie in his mind while he studies the pictures. Anyway, I had looked everywhere, including the playroom which is where Buddy insisted they were. We were running late, I had a headache, and I was pretty much in a bad mood about the whole thing. Buddy kept telling me, "As soon as I'm done with my breakfast, I'll get them." I kept telling him that I'd looked a hundred times in the playroom and the movies weren't there. "Mom! I told you. I'd find them when I'm done. IT'S NOT THAT HARD!"

For the record, he couldn't find them either. So we renewed them, which made him happy in the long-run.
* * *
I want to freeze time. My baby is 2 months old today and I am so depressed. I want him to stay just like he is for another few months and THEN he can grow up. Ah, he is just perfect.
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J said...

I had no idea you were into politics. I have been fully engrossed myself. I have simailar feelings as you except I'm not a fan of Huck-N-Chuck...the Mike Huckabee and Chuck Norris duo. It saddens me to think Walker Texas Ranger would ever support a fool like Huckelberry.

Chelle said...

I've been reading your blog since I got back from my visit to Oregon and I love it. This was a great post and I can't believe the absolutely great sass you've got going on around your house, cracks me up! Your baby has grown so much and I'm with ya, I feel like those first months go way too fast.

StrykerLOVE said...

wish you were my neighbor - no one talks politics around here - like its a naughty subject or not worth a mother's while or something....but Huckabee?! come on! sorry I think he is funny and a great guy and love the weight loss story but anyone who thinks getting rid of irs to solve our financial problems is an idiot. not that you don't need some major re-haul but he would only create a bigger bureaucracy getting rid of the irs! still my neighbors do agree on one thing - they are in mortal terror that Hillary Clinton will win. I actually admire her for a lot of things and like some of what she says, too bad about that last name - I don't think she will win. Anyway blah,blah, blah .. I could go on but its not my blog :-). I love that you hate that your baby is growing. I actually push my kids to keep growing until they are about 1, 1 1/2 and then I want time to stand still. Thats my favorite. They are so perfect and miniature and perfect then. I think its the lack of sleep that makes me hurry it up. I am too blurry to even notice, when my kids are not sleeping through the night. So good job at going slow and loving it.

Jen4 @ Amazing Trips said...

Your baby is beautiful. If ONLY we could freeze time ... I totally agree. I already know that my little love at 7-months will soon be walking and it makes me want to cry. That first year goes much too fast. Enjoy every moment!!

Thanks for the political commentary. It makes me even sicker than I already am that I didn't get to the polls yesterday. But there was no way I could have taken a chance passing out - which I'm sure would have happened if I attempted standing for more than 3 minutes. I'm going to do an absentee ballot for November, just in case...

Jax,Jer,Luke and Jared said...

Nice post Michelle, I too have found myself glued to CNN or sometimes even FOXNEWs. (I know, we do get cable) Something about this particular election, I mean who would have thought that there would be an afircan american, a woman and a mormon in one election? MItt Romney said that it should be Gladice Knight running for president because she fits all three! Honestly I think she would be better than some of the candidates running. I am absolutely terrified of Mccain getting in. I would rather have either democrat then him. We will will have to chat about this next phone call.
Sammy is so adorable and let me tell you if my baby slept like him at that age I would want to freeze time too! They get a little more difficult at Jared's age but cuter too! p.s. Those big brown eyes do remind me of Luke and they will only get bigger and harder to resist!

Jax,Jer,Luke and Jared said...

OH yeah send me more pics. of Pee-Wee!

Yin said...

That picture is adorable!

I'm obsessed with politics too! This presidential race is so exciting.

But, Huckabee? Really? He is the absolute worst candidate, and if he mentions the bible one more time I will throw one at him. :-D

Go Clinton!!!

G said...

Do I need a disclaimer saying that the political views are that of the author and not those of the other bloggers on this blog?