Thursday, July 10, 2008

Gym Etiquette

One of the benefits of G's work is a half-price membership to a really nice gym. It's in close proximity to the house and G's office, it's got great amenities including a restaurant, amazing rock-climbing wall, indoor and outdoor pools, good (and free) childcare, nice equipment, fun classes, and clean locker rooms. If you pay the non-corporate rate, it's extremely expensive, so you'd think the clientele would know proper gym etiquette or at the very least know some common sense. Here are some things G and I wish people would stop doing there:
  • Leaving cups and other trash in the treadmill cup holders. The staff does a really good job of keeping everything clean, but how hard is it for people to clean up after themselves?

  • Some people (a lot of people) are huge space hogs in our weights class. It drives us crazy when there's close to a full class and no one will shift their stuff to make room for more people. And what's even more annoying is when it's not full and people still crowd. If you've got space in front of you or in back of you -- move!

  • We've got a similar problem with people who hog weights in the class. They'll get six 5-kg weights instead of consolidating and getting a few 10-kg weights. Then there's not enough for everyone else. And even when the teacher asks them to share they pretend they can't hear her. Or leave to get a drink right then.

  • There are a few people in the weights class that think they are "best friends" with the instructor and shout out commentary during the class. No one cares! I always feel so bad for the poor teacher having to deal with the "comedians" when they show up.

  • There is a guy that brings out a TON of weight. It's like a ridiculous amount. He thinks he's a body-builder apparently but he only can manage about half the reps and his form is atrocious. This is an endurance-type class, so if you want to go heavy and show off, this is not the class for you.

  • And then there's a guy that comes all the time but does his own routine. The class is choreographed, but he doesn't follow it. Not only is it distracting, it's just plain old annoying.

  • Oh, and how about people who fart in class.

  • Why do people take their sick kids to the childcare? My baby has been sick more times than I can count and it's got to be coming from there. Like a few weeks ago when Pee-Wee had hand, foot and mouth. I didn't know anyone with that virus, so he must have gotten it there. The employees are great and they are constantly sanitizing, but sheesh. If you've got a sick child, don't go to the gym.

  • I've noticed quite a few people driving like maniacs in the childcare parking lot. They must be in a huge hurry to drop off their kids because I've never noticed crazy drivers in the other parking lot.

  • People who won't share the small amounts of shade on the pool deck. If I saw someone with an infant, I'd make room to let them sit by me in the shade. Nope. Never seen that happen. They spread out all their gear in the shade, then spend the entire time in the pool. Never spending a moment in their spaded spot.

  • And then the locker room. G saw a guy blowing-drying his butt-hair the other day. And G said it smelled worse than imaginable. Why on earth would anyone do that at all, not to mention in public?

  • The locker rooms are spacious and G specifically tries to find a locker by no one else, but inevitably he comes back after working out and some dude is putting stuff in a locker right above his. When there's a hundred empty spots, why did he choose that locker?

  • And why do so many people parade around the locker room completely naked? There are a LOT of really hot bodies in there, but interestingly enough, it's always really fat people who stand around naked. They'll stand and have conversations with other people while wearing NOTHING. And they'll stand at the mirror and apply their makeup wearing NOTHING. What's the point? I'm starting to think I'm the weird one that I have a little modesty while in public.


mandatalksalot said...

Let me say first off that randomly walking around naked, putting makeup on naked, etc, is uncalled for and impolite. That said, I find it hard to change and/or shower without getting naked....and I never found a need to be all that modest about it since it is in a LOCKER room. Just my two cents

crazymamma said...

holy crap that was one funny post! I seriously start to alugh every time i think about the dude drying his butt hair...grosss!!!! and yet it sends me into hystarics laughing soo hard!!! oh man you crack me up!

Yin said...

Ha! I remember the naked people in the CS locker room. The locker room at the Y on Barbur also has plenty of naked people--all old and flabby.

Chelle said...

Boy do I miss that kid center, sickness and all! They are so great with the kids.

I hear ya about the conversing, make-up putting on, flashers. I always thought their getting ready process was a little off.

That's cool you guys are still doing the weight lifting class, I remember doing that with you and Taunya and I will never forget not being able to lift my arms or climb stairs for three days either.