Friday, July 18, 2008

He's a Mover

At Pee-Wee's six-month checkup, I was very excited when the pediatrician predicted that his head and back weren't strong enough to support crawling any time soon. This was fabulous news to for me. His head is huge and well, he hated tummy time, so we figured it would take a while to build up the strength to hold that big noggin up. Sounds good to me. I still haven't recovered from the havoc Buddy wreaked on his house when he started crawling.

...Well, a few days later he popped that head off the floor and started rocking on his hands and knees. Just to spite me! And then he start scooting around the floor like an inch-worm.

...And then a few days ago he started crawling -- army-style. I could hardly believe my eyes.

When it's your first child it's really exciting when they start to crawl. But when it's your second (and when your first STILL gets into everything at age 4), it's well -- a hassle. (Still, he's just so cute!) And in our case we went from stationary baby to very mobile baby with hardly any warning and within a couple of weeks.

I've been talking to Buddy about keeping all of his possessions up off the floor now. It's not sinking in. First of all, Buddy has no regard for safety. He doesn't care about getting hurt.

This morning Pee-Wee kept trying to get at Buddy's scissors and sticker project (even though I told Buddy repeatedly that maybe he ought to move his craft to the table) until finally Pee-Wee had backed him into a corner in the dining room.

Then this afternoon Buddy just gave up trying to move away from him. He has extreme patience for Pee-Wee and doesn't seem to mind Pee-Wee ruining his stuff (even if I do). Here are a series of pictures documenting Pee-Wee trying to get to Buddy's lea.ppad.

Buddy minding his own business.

Pee-Wee has arrived on the scene

Buddy moves the lea.ppad away

Pee-Wee crawls closer so Buddy hands him the pen

Buddy then shows Pee-Wee how to use the pen

I put down the camera in time to grab the pages out of his chubby hands before they got ripped. ...So pretty much Buddy is of no use in helping me keep Pee-Wee out of trouble. Surprising?


crazymamma said...

ok i cant belive that little S is crawling everywhere!! It is soo stinking cute! And i love the pic of little S's face when buddy is trying to hold his hand back away from the is classic...And i love that buddy is sooo patient..that is such a great trait because i think as soon as litle peewee is walking and running that patience may run thin!! hahahaha we love those little boys!

Jax,Jer,Luke and Jared said...

That is crazy! Neither of my boys crawled that early. I love the army-style, Luke was a pro at that. I think it was because he was too weak to pull up his big belly! Luke thought it was neat when Jared started to move around, he then realized he was turning into a "real person" that could doa ll the things he could. What cute boys we have!

Jordan said...

That whole blog was stinking adorable!