Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A New Column: My Favorite Things

I'm going to start something new and over time share some of my favorite things.

I love having clean carpets. I have light-colored carpet and I love it when it's spot free, no debris, and looks freshly vacuumed. I'm not a frantic house cleaner, but when the carpet is clean, I'm happy. I'm sure you've felt the same frustration when vacuum after vacuum kicks the bucket after only a year or so of use.

I did too until: The Dyson. My tried-and-true friend. I received so many recommendations about the Dyson and believe me, it's lived up to it's reputation as far as I'm concerned. And it my opinion, it's lived up to it's price. (But then again, we waited until we found it on sale for a very good price.) I love that you can pull out the attachments quickly to suck up a spider web, or get debris near the baseboards. So quick in fact, that I find a reason to use the attachments EVERY single time I vacuum.

I know hardwoods are all the rage, and while I'd love to have them, I just love having fluffy soft carpet under my feet. In fact, G says carpet is one of the things he missed most while on his mission. And for whatever reason, there is carpet everywhere in the house, including the dining room. (Obviously a mother of small children did not design this house.) And, I have a baby that throws up his carrots and beans all over the carpet, so my pristine carpets are definitely under attack. Thank goodness for my newest deep-cleaning friend, my Bissell.
I have been wanting one for awhile and imagine my joy when several months ago i learned that was putting it on sale for a week in August. I quickly marked my calendar and when the special day came, I showed up at to buy it -- for cheaper than it would have cost a crew to come clean my carpets once. And I've been using it almost every day since. I've cleaned behind the couches and moved everything -- something the guy refused to do last time I had the carpets cleaned because of "liability." Well guy, if I move a couch by myself with two children underfoot, I think you could have too. But now you don't have to because I'm doing it myself. I love this vacuum more than words can say.

The timing of the sale couldn't have come at a better time because Pee-Wee had left about 30 of these in the month since he's started solids. See the results for yourself!


crazymamma said...

dude that is awesome..can you come to my house with your new toy!! hahaha

Michelle said...

You crack me up! and VERY nice demo BTW. I know what G means about missing carpet. I TOTALLY miss carpet...who puts linoleum in their family room for heaven sake??? Also, carpet that you can put you face on without smelling pet (hopefully not urine although I wouldn't put it past the previous owners) would be divine as well.