Monday, August 4, 2008


On Saturday I had the bright idea of going to the Portland waterfront to see the Re.dbull Flu.gtag. I knew that they were going to start launching the flying contraptions around 1pm. Unfortunately, we didn't get too early of a start. Once we were near downtown, we got stuck in major traffic for an hour. The news that night reported that 60,000 showed up for the event, so it's no surprise the traffic was heavy.

Then we drove around Portland still with major traffic to find a parking space. Finally, we saw a bunch of people going into a parking garage. I naturally followed them because there was literally no other place to park. We got out and were about to walk down to the waterfront when we realized that the gate to the parking garage had shut and there was no way we could get out. We ended up waiting for another hour (after making several phone calls) until the police came to let all of us out. At that point, I had it and it was now 3:00, so we drove home without seeing the Flu.gtag. But at least now we can say that we've been trapped in a parking garage.


hempr said...

That is awesome. I bet noah loved being trapped in a parking garage.

Jordan said...

That sucks! I've always wanted to go to that too.