Monday, December 8, 2008


Do you need perfection in your life?

Here he is.
Little Sambo turned ONE on Friday. I can hardly believe how quickly the last year has gone and how much he has changed during that time. He came into the world under very difficult circumstances, but you'd never know it. He has the calmest and most happy personality. Lots of people say they have great and adorable children, but honestly with Sambo it's true.

I'm totally addicted to kissing him and I try to hug and hold him as much as humanly possible. He is truly a gift to our family and while I'm so sad he's changing from a baby, I love every piece of him and can hardly wait to see what type of boy he'll grow to be. Although I've already got a pretty good idea.

So far, these are a few of my favorite things about him:
* He epitomizes joy.
* His gentle personality.
* His eyes. Stunning!
* His soft brown skin.
* His quick hands and fast legs. Apparently we only are allowed the busiest of children.
* He loves me and he reaches for me every time he sees me. But he's not at all clingy.
* He loves his brother and tolerates all sorts of annoyance from him.
* The way his face lights up when he sees his family.
* His squeal when I come to get him after a nap.
* How easy it is to get him to laugh.
* His craziness in the bathtub. And we thought his brother was a water baby!
* He isn't bothered by strangers.
*He sleeps. Lots and lots of sleep!
* But he can miss a nap and not get cranky.
* He goes with the flow. We can take him anywhere and he is totally and completely happy.
* The way he sings and keeps a beat with his foot.
* The way he yells, "more, more, more, more, more" when he wants more food.
* His terrific hand-eye coordination.
* Pretty much every single thing. (Except his vomiting. I hate the vomit.)

Happy Birthday little boy! I love you sooooooooooooooo much!


Emma said...

Happy Birthday Sambo! Your family is truly blessed to have him!

Chelle said...

He is so beautiful and looks like he's a very sweet little guy.

Myndi said...

I have Buddy and Sambo's pictures hanging on the fridge and sometimes I catch Hippo chit-chatting with them. So I'll hold him up to them from time to time and he will kiss Sambo. So cute and sweet. Hippo loves other kids so much, they are destined to be good friends.