Monday, December 15, 2008

Snow Day

The weather man had been predicting snow for the last number of days. In fact, the possibility of snow took up the first 8 minutes of the Thursday newscast before they even got to the story about a bank bombing that killed two people. This has always amused me since we have moved to Portland. The slightest hint of snow or a single snowflake puts this place into a panic. Growing up, we would get snow in the valley. Nothing would get canceled, everyone would go about their business as usual. Then, when living in Utah, the snow was worse, but everything would still happen as normal. This was just one of those things that you dealt with.

Yesterday, it snowed a few inches. There was around the clock new coverage of the snow. Everyone on the news was warning everyone to stay indoors and not to step foot outside. Everything was canceled. I guess in defense of Oregonians, the snow can lead to dangerous ice which is extremely problematic. That coupled with how Oregonians drive or rather attempt to drive on the roads does make it better for people to stay inside. Plus it gives me a chance to get Buddy out of the house and chuck a few snowballs.


crazymamma said...

woohoo snow day! i hope N nailed you with a snow ball!

Michelle said...

but isn't that the truth of it all? I love how glued I still get to the TV to be on the weather-watch though...and as you know, this weather is NOTHING for what I grew up in too!