Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Very Best Week in My Whole Life

There are two things you must know about me before reading any further. First of all, I absolutely detest the snow. I have never appreciated it. Although G is a die-hard ski and snowboarding enthusiast, I have absolutely no desire to try. I don't enjoy the looks of snow, I hate being cold, living in Utah drove me nuts, I hate driving in it, I hate how it ruins travel plans, and no, I don't like sledding either. And I'm totally secure in the fact that all that information makes me rather un-cool. So what.

Another thing about me: I have been trying to devise a sneaky plan where I tell everyone I'm going on vacation, make arrangements for church, etc and then stay home and do nothing for a week. Everyone will think I'm gone so I won't have any responsibilities and the phone won't ring. I tried to convince G to let me do this over Thanksgiving, but he thought that was ridiculous.

So I've just experienced my dream week and it was all the results of a huge winter storm that hit our area with several inches of snow and ice. So I'm changing my tune about snow. I think I might LOVE it now.

Mr. I-Refuse-to-Walk-But-I-Can-Stand-No-Problem -- and Buddy in front of the tree

Here are the highlights of my week.

Buddy on a walk around the neighborhood last night. The snow went to his knees and the poor kid only was wearing vans on his feet.

  • I only got dressed once this week. I've worn my pajamas every day for over a week!
  • I've sat on the couch either reading or watching TV for hours this week.
  • I've made delicious meals for dinner every night.
  • I even made the decision on Monday that I was going to gamble on the weather and not plan my very big Christmas sharing time that I was in charge of. Nor was I going to break my back and coordinate Christmas gifts/handwritten notes for 140 teachers and Primary children. This is totally unlike me to procrastinate or blow something like that off, and it felt WONDERFUL!!!!!
  • I did a little scrapbooking.
  • I've played with my children for hours, talked to them, read to them, sat there and watched them and never once felt like I should be doing anything else.
  • I vacuumed under the couch cushions (a 15 minute project I've been meaning to get to for a year. But who has time to do cleaning that is never noticed?)
  • I baked cookies.
  • I took more naps than I can count.
  • I went to bed super late every night and slept in every morning. My dream schedule.
  • I had two girls' nights because the evenings tended to be a bit better weather-wise than the mornings/days.
  • We had no church two weeks in a row!!!!!!
  • I watched Buddy re-arrange the ornaments on the Christmas tree at least 300-400 times a day.
  • Have I mentioned I sat on the couch for hours each day?

Buddy's rosy cheeks after our walk last night.

This was the best Christmas gift I could have ever received. A wonderfully amazingly relaxing week. And to think we've now received 8 inches of new snow and a sheet of ice over the top plus it's Christmas and my birthday and my sister is coming into town -- so this coming week is looking pretty enjoyable too.


J said...

I wish I had the same feelings. I'm thinking of posting a new blog tomorrow titled "This Artic Blast is Becoming a Royal Pain in the Asst!" Though, two week of no church is pretty sweet especially since T ans I's talks got rescheduled and it looked like I was getting my calling and home teaching list. Pushing that all back a week is pretty sweet.

Jax,Jer,Luke and Jared said...

I can't believe that Oregon has had that much snow! Crazy! You know that I love the snow and even Vegas got snow this year! I am in Canada now and they have gotten a ton of snow! HOpe you have a wonderful Birthday and CHristmas!

Sarah said...

I remember how much you hated snow--and I remember people thinking that was so strange. But, I got to agree with you--I hate snow and cold weather so much, and am not sure how I survived DC and northern NM, since both places are so snowy. The idea of skiing and other "winter sports" seems completely deranged to me. Ugh. Hopefully this weather insanity will end soon and we'll be back to our regularly scheduled programming.

Myndi said...

I wish Utah would shut down when it snows like that, i am so jealous. I woke up at the butt crack of dawn this morning to miss the pending snow storm. It stresses me out to the max driving Hippo to the babysitters in such crappy weather. I hope it clears a little bit by the time we get there.